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By | November 7, 2022

ESPN FC’s Kay Murray and Janusz Michallik are back to recap all the happenings and talking points from throughout the Premier League on PL Express.
0:00 Introductions
0:30 Arsenal’s win over Chelsea to remain atop the Premier League
4:10 Expecting more from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang?
9:45 Focusing on Gabriel Jesus
12:00 A perfect start for Unai Emery with Aston Villa in a win over Manchester United
14:00 Cristiano Ronaldo captained Man United?!
18:00 Mohamed Salah scores twice in Liverpool’s win over Tottenham
21:00 Erling Haaland scores again & Kevin De Bruyne orchestrates
23:20 Pep Guardiola already looking ahead to the Champions League?
25:50 Credit to Newcastle United and Miguel Almiron
28:00 Liverpool are up for sale!
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Coming up on the latest PL Express Nothing personal London is red and even Arteta says that his side uh title Contenders now we'll talk about Manchester United's nine game unbeaten Run coming to an end and why Cristiano Ronaldo was Captain is Mo Salah back up To speed why Spurs are struggling Against fellow top six teams peps praise This week for Kevin De bruyne and much More that's myself okay Marie and yanish Mihalik we're going to start by talking About that game between Chelsea and Arsenal yeah finishing one nil to Arsenal they are still at the top they Are two points clear do you love that Bit of arrogance that the team have Right now you feel like not seeing that In a while with this Arsenal side and They've just got this belief it seems And this confidence in themselves that Things are going to be okay Yes and you know obviously that comes With confidence uh I think you know uh I've been part of teams where managers Always tell you you know to be confident To go out there and to do the job and Then you're capable of it but until you Start doing it it's just coaches talk Right and and I think that's different Right now because Arsenal have been Continuously proving that they're Capable right it's not just to say that We can but knowing that you can it's a

Whole different story and we've talked About their character we've talked about Their their spine if you will and and Look what's happening right I I mean This is a and I know you know him Um you go back to La Liga with Thomas Parte and so do I but I think we've seen We are seeing the best of Thomas Porte Right now where he's dominant in the Center of the pitch Shaka uh continues To benefit from that because all of a Sudden the pressure is not on him Remember where arsenal were struggling Right it's and and granite Shaka was Struggling either with the with with the Fans or with the red cards and all that Because I I think you know and as as Captain I think that that he couldn't Hold on to that pressure the team wasn't Full or wasn't complete if you will and Now we see that balance and that goes All the way from the back where how many Times have you been saying that if you Put all Arsenal center backs together You wouldn't find one that's at the Level that's required well look what's Happening right now uh I mean certainly William Saliba has been a revelation Gabrielle is thriving next to him but Think about it I mean they even have Four bucks for a Center box who can play Uh just in case they need it right if You look at Ben White and let's not Forget tomiasu who for Japan plays as a

Center-back as well so things and the Narrative is changing because of the Confidence and because of the plan that Michael arteta has told us about three Or four years ago but let's be honest None of the none of us believed it yeah And they're getting smart as well you Mentioned in Checker I mean we'll see if It lasts but that you can see moments Where usually when he might have been Riled up he's getting a bit smarter to Not letting that happen now and not Hurting his team so why do you think it Is now that Miguel arteta who had been Maybe a little bit more reserved about Saying it which is of course always Smart but suddenly he's saying himself Yes we are title contenders why now Well because I think he sees that his Team is passing all those tests right I Mean every so often they get knocked Down we saw that even recently in Europa League maybe meaningless in some ways But it wasn't for him because you know Once you get that buzz of winning you Want to continue doing that so against PSV they didn't it didn't hurt them they Bounced right I mean you look at this This as a massive test right everybody's Looking okay let's see if Arsenal's for Real and we sort of say that because we Were waiting for them to maybe lose two Or three which by the way may happen Again but I think if it does now Michel

Arteta can go back to some of those Matches and say okay PSV this or Saints Uh point away which as I've said over And over it's a pretty good point away From home anyway uh but now he he can go Back and say well look at Chelsea we Went to Stamford Bridge and we dominated Uh Chelsea in every aspect of the game I Don't think it was even close even to The score maybe doesn't indicate that But I think if you look at within this Statistic the important statistics it Was all Arsenal let's stick with Statistics and I want to talk about Pierre Marika bamiang facing his former Team did you expect more from him it was Just eight touches in 64 minutes on the Pitch Well I I think I I expect you know Obviously right because even if you were Called on pure America with my young for A while I think the the what I would Call a cameo at Barcelona the few games That he played there he looked like a Player that's capable of getting back to His best the best meaning that maybe you Know the the the Dortmund years and the Arsenal years where he was dominant he Was scoring uh scoring Ed will even Though Arsenal was just starting this Process of of rebuilding as well so You'd think against your former Club at Stanford bridge at home you'd feel like You have a point to prove but again uh I

Don't think Arsenal allowed him to end To do anything let's be honest and let's Talk about the center box the job they Did on him was superb but again he I I Don't think he went out of his way to do Absolutely everything that's possible to Show that he's still at the top Echelon Or Strikers in the world All right it's interesting that we're Talking about him though as well and Going up against your former team and I Know when it comes to some of these Commercials you might be giving a script As to what to say but we did see Gabrielle's tweet afterwards saying Nothing personal London is red and that Was in response to the commercial that Had gone out for the broadcaster in the UK where aubameyang had said let you Know nothing personal about going up Against his former team do you mind Gabrielle doing this because I feel that We see this a few times from Arsenal Players now that they respond after they Win to messages they've seen in the Media Yes I think you have to be careful with That I I wouldn't be surprised if Michael arteta addresses that stuff Inside with his team because I think you Still have to uh stay humble Arsenal I I You know what I mean maybe he addresses But I I don't know if he's behind it a Little bit as well because he's been

Using some of these media messages to to Get them riled up I feel Well he maybe uses that inside the Dressing room but he probably doesn't Want that too because when you're you Know let's be honest Arsenal haven't won Anything just yet so you have to be Careful and I think you know if you look At Michel arteta and the way he gives The press conference conferences he Doesn't give away anything right he Obviously expectations are high but he Doesn't go out there saying yes we're on Our way I haven't seen that uh just yet So I think he's going to be careful in Terms of how he what the message that he Sends to his players to say okay it's Great I love the confidence I love that You think that we're we're on our way But just be careful here because you Know being humble in a league like in Any league is is what I would probably Do and that would be my my message to The players yeah the message from a Banging was at Arsenal nothing personal I'm back I'm blue I'm ready so I mean Maybe there could be some advice on to Be a bit more careful with what you say Before these games as for Chelsea only Two points out of 12 in their last four Games are you worried for Pro for Potter When does the pressure start build on Him because we do still have to remember This is a side that isn't completely his

He is quite new where do you stand on This Yes I think the pressure will come uh he Continues to have the same issues as Thomas tujo in terms of going forward Right uh uh I think I understand again Because we've seen it time and time Again again that you know the some of The players that he's missing are it's Just making it difficult to play the way He wants to I was glad to see that he Won four and about right uh and Sterling Didn't have to be a wing by but again he Was maybe one of the worst players on The pitch uh I mean it didn't help him When when he was playing a wingback in The last couple games yeah you could use That as an excuse but now in the Affirmation where where Potter went in With a little bit of a diamond in the Midfield didn't play well absolutely Dominated instead of the pitch georginio Couldn't tell what he was trying to do Uh loftus-cheek on the on the right hand Side Mason Mount very very poor on the Left-hand side of that and Kai Hubbards I'm just starting to wonder if he's Going the way of a team of earner I mean How many chances does he need really to Get going consistently is he the sort of Man that you continue to uh put your Money on as you build this right even When everybody's back and as I've said Without reach James and now on top of

That you don't have Ben chilwell it Really makes it difficult for for Potter Or anybody that would be there to say Every game the formation just doesn't Fit because these players aren't uh Aren't available then you have to play a Lot of a lot of you guys out of position So it makes it difficult but this is Chelsea Football Club nobody's going to Cry for them uh they still spend a lot Of money on their new ownership and and At the end of the day I think Todd Bowley as we've said it when he took Over he may be Roman Abramovich 2.0 I Don't know how much patience he's going To have by the way I'm not sitting here And saying it's time to go for Grandfather absolutely not look at Michael arteta we all know it takes time 10 hot you know a weekend and week out Yes he's getting things right then the Next thing he gets lost within within Himself but I distinct you've got to Give these uh managers a little bit of Time just before we finish on Chelsea Arsenal I want to go back to speaking About Arsenal because I want to focus on Gabrielle Jesus no goals in his last Nine there has been no Panic about this Because of what he's been contributing To the team without his goals where do You stand on it yanish Well I mean we talk about this process And progress of of uh Arsenal and and I

Think uh Governors I continue to think That he's a significant player in every Game even if he's not scoring this was Another example of that uh but I think We can all agree that Arsenal if they Want to go to that next level uh being Consistently in there as a Challenger For the Premier League in the in the Champions League fighting for uh for That title will need a true number nine Because he isn't pep new I mean there's No you know there's one one manager that I just go by because he hasn't let me Down for the most part in terms of Identifying players right into in terms Of maybe knowing uh what you can get out Of them you know Sterling comes to mind Uh uh and and Gabriel Jesus as well Because he's not your true number nine And and I think it's almost unfair to Think that he's going to be that sort of A player that's going to get you 25 Goals or 30 goals consistently as others Do and and you almost have to have that If you want to be at that level you have To have the most salary of the world the Hurricane of the world uh uh the the Early Holland of the world you have to Do that and and I think that Gabriel Jesus could do with the ability to play Through the middle but also uh wide Which he often does right I mean I was Actually frustrated with uh Gabriel just Was just a little bit in the last couple

Of games because he kept on drifting Left into the space of uh Martinelli Who's been outstanding and who doesn't Need anybody to come into his space in Fact you want to take players away from There because of his ability uh to take Players one-on-one so I think that they Need a bona fide number nine I'm not Gonna say when I'm also not going to sit Here and say that Arsenal aren't capable Of staying at the top of the table uh Without that Striker whoever it may be Uh but I think it's unfair to think that Gabriel Jesus is the man if you going Forward Let's move on to talk about Aston Villa Against Manchester United great start For unai Emery with Villa but what went Wrong for United do you think that They're just less competitive when Eric Tenhag is forced to switch things up due To player absences Well he's lost himself in the last game Making all kinds of changes in the Second half of Manchester United Obviously against our associate art that Was kind of funny to see well funny to Some uh maybe not not to others uh Because I thought he was finally getting The feel for his team and then in the Second half he was making substitutions That nobody understood I think including The players uh in this one Um you know that star from Villa

Underuna Emery was something that it's Hard to recover uh from the one thing That I got uh and and sometimes it's Simplistic to look at way look at it This way but why dig deep if it's right In front of you right and and I think we Saw how important Bruno Fernandez is to This team I mean you could just you Could just watch this game and forget When they conceded because it was two Quick goals by the way on the counter It's not like Villa created a ton they Were just so efficient with this chances Three incredibly good goals kind of on The break the sort of the way when I am Replaced but then after that that I just Think without Bruno Fernandez it changes The role of Christian Erickson who also Is very important because Christian Erikson as deep as he played because There was we were wondering right if in The absence of Bruno Fernandez is Erickson going to go a little bit higher Then we found out that Danny vandeb on The bake uh started the game and once Again we found out that they're not Going to recover him let's just be Honest here and and and you know a few Donnie not that he's going to take uh my Advice but I think he needs to look look At elsewhere that's not that's just not Going to work so without without Bruno Fernandez it almost seemed to me that Ericsson was trying to do too much and

That link between the Midfield and the Front players uh was just missing A few weeks ago we wouldn't have Believed I don't think that Cristiano Ronaldo will be Captain for this team it Seems a little bit strange it looks like It was by default and then afterwards Tenhag even mentioned the players that Were missing or the fact that certain Players are more new so you're not going To give them the captain's that hand Just yet and there's two sides to this First of all were you surprised to see Ronaldo as Captain and second of all do You feel that tenhag explains too much Sometimes afterwards Yes and yes Look let's address it once again I think In the end Ericton Hargis probably doing this in The right way because when when these Two separate when Ronaldo leaves it's Not ericton Hawk at least will be able To say look I've given him chances I Tried every which way for this to work Even though deep down I knew it wasn't Going to right so so so so so that's one But again I just didn't understand you Know the situation even Cristiano Ronaldo playing the full game because uh You know once you saw that it's not Working The the starting of Cristiano Ronaldo Okay I can live with that because I

Still believe that he's a player that in One or two games is going to come good Because he has been one of the greatest Players that played that game and he Hasn't forgotten that if he gets that Perfect service if that ball is timely Through and he latches onto it I think He's gonna he's gonna do that for uh uh For Manchester United but as the game Went on and and it it looked like you Needed to recover it why was he on the Pitch so long you still see roster Playing on right hand side you see Martial that almost all of a sudden Comes in and plays alongside of him I don't think you know I don't think That that was a smart decision because You tried it didn't work and then it's Cristiano Ronaldo he's had the courage When he first came in to to to kind of Send a message that you're not part of This starting 11 in the most important Games and now he's going he's reverting Back to sort of saying yeah I don't know If I wanted that reaction that I saw you Coming off and pouting or not being Happy in front of the whole world so I Just didn't get it I I think he needs to Be consistent I think he's got players Now in martial and rosford that can do a Better job and he needs to send that Message to those players because how do You grow I mean we've seen better for Marcus Rossford we've seen that the way

He looks the way he plays how happy he Is and now all of a sudden he's playing Left side right side Sometimes through the middle when Ronaldo is not there now martial comes In and that all complicates I think the Progress that he needs to make with Manchester United Yeah it's an interesting one and uh yeah With casemiro he just said he's a Natural Captain but his English isn't up To the level yet for me to give him the Captain zambam but once again he Explained a lot of it and he's very very Honest I think we found with Eric tenhag Afterwards I mean he's the only leader On that team that I see right now you're Quite right and saying with uh with Casemiro language okay I get that I I Probably wouldn't care as much in that Game I would give it to casemiro because He's been growing in stature already and I think what a message that would have Been think about it if he said casemiro You just got here but the way you play So you can lead by example and it Doesn't matter if you know play like a Captain and here's the man that has the Experience it was one everything there Is to be one so that's why that's why But this is this is the problem you Tiptoeing you continue to tiptoe around Cristiano Ronaldo where everyone in the World including probably some of the

Player in the in the dressing room know Exactly what needs to be done and that Needs to be the divorce between the two Parties Liverpool got a win over Spurs Mo Salah Is looking like he is very much back up To speed now this is his recent Telly Nine goals in eight games we've got 14 Goals and five assists in all Competitions this season and 44 goals And 14 assists against the Premier League's big six it's a four game Scoring streak for him as well so is he Back Well he is back the numbers say so right I mean it's it's it's much different and It's funny in a in the system again it Was a front three which club likes to Play and before the game I'm I'm sure You and everybody else said well who's Playing through the middle because you Really I mean you had three number nines I don't know if I put Salah there but He's thriving in that position ever Since he's been moved into the central Role either in the 433 system but more So in that 442 or variation of the four Two three one he's been thriving there And scoring goals and then here you have Nunez who's a number nine and you have Firmino who is a number nine maybe not Traditional I think we've gone through This when he was coming from hoffenheim And and he wasn't really in that

Position but he's grown to play and link Up in that position so you know I saw Fermina on the right Nunes on the left And and most of the middle and somehow That worked even though if it didn't I'd Probably be saying differently I'd be Saying well wait a second here look at You have three number nine is why is So-and-so not playing there so it's Funny how football works sometimes but Mo Salah certainly is thriving in that Position where he's getting Freedom uh Uh going through the middle and really Roaming around and and everybody's Benefiting from that yeah it's good to See on the flip side though let's talk About Spurs what's their problem when it Comes to the struggles against fellow Toxic sides well you you can win without Four or five key players you just can't Now Liverpool has had that issue but They're much deeper so they can somehow Uh uh change things around and still Have somebody like Masala uh Spurs have Hurricane in that game he's proven that Even without key players he's one of the Best in the business not just in the Premier League uh uh but everywhere but But you saw what kulischeski did right The moment he came in the reaction from The fans you may say well it's a simple Pass to release Harry Kane there maybe It is maybe it isn't but if it's so Simple why aren't other players doing

That but without song without Cristiano Romero in the back without Richard Listen and let's face it without Kurushefski to start the game you're Talking about four players that no team In the world can afford to lose and have A chance to beat a team like Liverpool Even though Liverpool maybe we aren't at Their best but they're kind of coming Coming back just a little bit so to me It's it's really that simple because if I start looking deeper for things that Doesn't exist that that would just make Me look silly I think Let's talk about Manchester City erling Highland scoring is 23rd goal of the Season 18 now in the Premier League and Kevin De bruyne I feel like it's always These two we're talking about every week And rightfully so we were talking about Peps criticism of Kevin De bruyne last Week saying that maybe he can give more Still and he has been given but pep said After this game that Kevin De bruyne had Put this team on his shoulders and he Could see that celebration and the the Euphoria from Pep afterwards He got through a game with a win that Perhaps he thought he wasn't going to at One point Perhaps smart challenged him the other Way yeah great goal from a free kick but I need more I need more and the reason He says that because he knows that Kevin

De bruyne is by far the most important Player from Manchester City Early Holland we can sit here and talk about His quality his goals without Kevin De Bruyne and none of that that happens and I'm not even talking about the Relationship and the partnership those Two have struck up so quickly right Because remember there was a goal Kevin De bruyne and what a cross and a header Inches or millimeters offside somehow But we've seen this movie before and We're going to continue to see that so He understands that Kevin De bruyne is Is obviously needed for for Holland to Be uh to be a successful not to say that Bernardo Silva can't do it in gundogan And all the players but look uh if if Manchester City are going to continue to Win the Premier League and win the the Champions League Kevin De bruyne has to Be at his best Kevin De bruyne at his Best for me Nobody like him nobody like him and Again we have to say it the 10 15 20 Years from now I am not 100 sure that We're going to be talking about Kevin De Bruyne as one of those historical Legends of the game and we should be That's the unfortunate part but anyway I Think Pep Guardiola knows exactly what He's doing he knows that he's got a gem Of Epic Proportion and that's not early Holland that's Kevin De bruyne you

Mentioned the knockout games you Mentioned the Champions League I think It's really interesting to hear that pep Said afterwards and he showed that he's Well aware of the risk in these knockout Games because on Joe constello sending Off he said his players can learn not to Give the opponent something and then he Said because in a knockout game we could Be out So you can see and obviously of course It's Manchester City they want to win The champions league but he sent a Message to say don't do something stupid That could cost us Like if this was a knockout game and it I feel as though he's already looking at All the little factors that could Prevent them winning the Champions League this season well let's assess That I mean that that's individual with Joe Consuelo uh obviously you don't want To do that but you know the way they Play with such a high defensive line you Know you're going to benefit from that a Number of occasions right but it's a Inherent risk that you take and that's What happened it cancello probably Wanted to uh you know to get you know to Get there and defend that but you know The way you know the way it happened It's almost uh I want to say it's one of those Incidental ones it's just because it

Happened again remember I mean a high Line in the second half I don't know if You remember her I think it was uh again Uh Harry Wilson but this time it was Okay it was same identical situation Just Wilson missed the goal by inches on The far pose but you know that's what Happened so it could be concealer could Be anybody else so yes he may direct That towards cancelo but he also has to Be honest with himself I'm talking about Pep Guardiola and to say okay how do we Cover for each other if that does happen How do we recover because that isolation One-on-one was there twice once they Paid the price for it and the second Time fortunately they didn't but that's The the risk reward you take if you Mention the city because they do play The highest line in the league Liverpool Does it as well but I think Manchester City I mean look at that line it's Pretty much halfway line on the direct Card and the second situation I was Talking it was maybe five yards inside Their own house maybe but pretty much on The halfway line so so I think that's What Pep Guardiola has to think about More than the fact that okay you're Asking your players to take such risks And then you're also asking them to Recover and be absolutely perfect when You know that if you play against uh in Kunku that they will play uh obviously

In the next round or maybe PSG and You're going to face mbappe Yeah you're gonna have to strike that Balance of saying that maybe that line Needs to be a little bit lower maybe you Have maybe I've got to help my players Not to be in a position like this so I Think it's a little bit unfair but I Also think that pep didn't really go to Cancel and say I think you're crazy in What you did because I don't know if he Did much I think it was the opposition That forced him in particular could have Been anybody else it was almost Nathanaka to do that We'll move on to give some credit to Newcastle I know we've been doing so for The last few weeks but it turns out We're going to have to continue doing This but I want to make it specifically This week about Miguel almiron he scored In four straight now it's seven goals in Seven matches his seven in seven is as Many as in his previous 76 games so what is this change down to I think it's simple it's a good manager A better manager that they've had Previously a better team uh it's and a Player who probably deserved it right Because remember uh Steve Bruce loved Him I remember him saying something to The effect of you know I wish I had 11 Uh Army rounds on my team because of the Work ethic the the his attitude in

Training in the games that smiling face I mean think about that I mean he wasn't Always a starting player but his Attitude towards that was you know I'm Gonna get there sometime and when I do I'm going to take advantage of that so So every manager loves to have a player Like that but if you look at the Players Around them uh it's just it just makes It so much easier even that goal you Know on the counter and I think Sean Longstaff was involved in then Colin Wilson with that little bit of flick to Send them through it's just a confident Players that has Pace that has technique And that he that can finish I mean and You and I know him here from United States I'm not comparing uh I'm not Comparing the two but that was a pretty Good team that played in a similar way Under Tata Martino here yeah Joseph Martinez and almiron who was just Darting through I mean this is the this Is the sort of goal that amiron I've Seen him score how many times you and I Right I mean this is perfectly in his Wheelhouse exactly that sort of goal so I think everybody uh all the nutrients Of these are very happy to see that this Particular player is getting rewards for Just the way he trains and plays and how Much hard and he gives to this game Janus if you're looking to treat Yourself for Christmas Liverpool's up

For sale Big news today what are your thoughts on It oh I mean we've heard some rumors and Obviously it's fresh I was trying to Think about it I mean there could be Some positives depending on on what sort Of owners are going to come in is it Just going to be third party and and Maybe uh Fenway Sports Group is going to Be just helped or if it's if it's a sale Outright What sort of owner is this estate owner That I think Liverpool owners will not Be happy about we're just talking about Newcastle right and I know fans are fans They just want their team to play well But that's certainly not going to sit Well with a lot of the people as well or Maybe he's just a different owner that's Gonna may actually take Liverpool to That next level because we all know that There are limitations to Liverpool there Are two or three years where they could Match Manchester City but now Manchester City is getting away because uh FSG Obviously is not willing to fight and Spend the sort of money that Newcastle Are spending will spend Manchester City And some others right I mean I think there's a real realization at FSG dot the game went to a different Level and we want to run Liverpool in a Fiscally responsible way but that may Not be

Possible if we have to continue to You know to spend like others right so So let's see what group is going to come In right now but also how's that going To benefit I was gonna not benefit but What the relationship is going to be Your organ Club he has had a great Relationship with John Henry and FSG is He going to look at that and say well That's not for me that's not how I want To do it so so yes just so many Unanswered questions right now we will See uh which direction And what FSG is going to do are they Going to be conscious of looking at Perspective buyers in a way that is Gonna Um that is gonna be okay with the Liverpool supporters I can they're gonna Look specifically for somebody that has The the well-being and the Heart of Liverpool in mind or they're just going To sell to the highest bidder that's Going to be interesting to me yeah it Really is uh we'll keep our eye on it Here on Premier League Express as always Thank you so much for being with us yeah I'll see you again next week thanks very Much for watching espnfc on YouTube for More highlight analysis and exclusive Content be sure to subscribe