Are Spurs title contenders? | Merse: “I’m not sure they finish top four!”

By | November 5, 2022

The Soccer Saturday panel discuss whether Tottenham are contenders for the Premier League title with Paul Merson saying he is unsure if they will finish in the top four.

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If we call Arsenal title contenders Shouldn't we be calling Tottenham title Contenders as well even if it's an Outside chance It's a very outside chance Jeff he said I was going to be biased now I think Manchester city is still gonna going to Win the league I don't think Spurs can Get any of them I think Arsenal have Been magnificent Um and I think they're the closest to Them at the moment I don't believe Suppose I think they'll Be fighting for the for the top four I Just look at their fixtures because yeah If they were to be able to speak if of Course this is a big issue but after That they've got leads at home Brentford Away Villa at home and Palace away now They're all winnable games I'm not Saying they're going to win them all but They are all winnable games yeah and They're the games you have to win and I Looked at Newcastle at home and the Performance there wasn't good enough so You have to Bournemouth last week you Made some changes because of the the Game against Marseille I was surprised At that because every game in the Premier League you can't take for Granted you have to turn up and perform And and it won't change whoever you play You sit back you deep like that Answering your question no I don't think

They are Jeff I don't I just I see the Way to play consistency with questions At times that they haven't been good Enough they've lost to to the Manchester United they've lost to Arsenal um And beat Well as well Jeff it was not being close And you've been unfortunate the games Have lost they've deserved to lose but They'll be right in the mix but I just I Just think for me Manchester City Jeff So unfortunately I I'm I've not been Biased everything but The different surprise is staggering Actually because Arsenal a six to one Second favorite Spurs are third Favorites and they are 50 to 1. 50. good job I didn't say yeah they were Going to win it then Jefferson Come first in the league yeah wow You don't disagree No way why no way I just don't fit I Just don't feel you get away we keep on Going to the world like they do I just Don't see how they've finished Chelsea will finish above Tottenham so You don't they've just lost four one at Brighton oh that means they won't finish Forth now well if they keep one playing Like that they won't yeah but they They've had their they've had their game That was about he he needs to get his Team right but I I think Chelsea finish If I've talked dude Tottenham finish in

The top four I'm not sure I'm not sure I think I Think Liverpool win this weekend I think In Liverpool will close the gap on Tottenham and Liverpool ain't going away I mean people keep on going oh Liverpool That's it but no I I just don't think You can keep on going to the will you Can't keep on being but if Tottenham Would have beat Liverpool the Gap then Would be 13 points like yeah people are Not going to close that are they I don't Think Liverpool might not close that but That's not to say may United and Chelsea Right Okay interesting All that November the 5th remember remember okay Yeah remember remember Paul merson's I Was