Are Napoli title FAVOURITES? Gli Azzurri go eight points ahead! Serie A Quick Hits | ESPN FC

By | November 11, 2022

Gabriele Marcotti and Julien Laurens (The Gab & Juls Show) analyse the midweek action in Serie A where Napoli extend their lead to eight points over Lazio and Milan following their 2-0 home win over Empoli.

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Nobody have now built up an eight point Gap in Syria at the top of Syria for Following the two-nil win against empoli Gab oziman didn't score but he did get a Penalty didn't win a penalty did you get A penalty which he left to chew kilosano To take because of course you know this Is I think he speaks to I don't know I Don't know because of human second Samosano's taking others I think Zelinski's taking photos yeah yeah so Lindsey scoring the second in this game The penalty was kind of bogus but on Balance I thought they deserved to win The game it's an incredible run I think In the last 14 games they lost to Liverpool won every other game Um they're in a good place Roma Drew With sasolo 1-1 on Wednesday night Garbage was not happy especially with With one single player yeah I have I Have never seen like we've seen Mourinho At times yeah be critical of players and So on but that's right no I have seen it Before and it was your buddy's yard Julia picking on David genola after uh Oh yeah they qualify for the 94 World Cup but you know what I was like nearly 30 years ago this is extremely rare uh He came out and he said oh everybody on The team was pulling together everybody Was showing Unity except for one guy now Obviously but we all know he didn't say Who it is everybody's Assuming he's

Referring to Rick carstorp who was poor In this game and also who at the weekend After the the latio defeat in the Darby When all the Roma players went this Ritual that they have in Italy and in Germany too after the game you go under The culture where the Ultras are and you Either soak up the Applause if you've Done well or you take the abuse yeah or You apologize right people say it's a Stupid ritual whatever whatever it is Cars don't wasn't there for that Mourinho actually said oh I've already Told him to go find himself a new club In January uh it's pretty extremely good You have to put your faith in Mourinho That he knows what buttons to push yeah Yeah uh but again not something you see Every day of the week from the defeat to Juventus with the sixth one that's right 6-1 win oh because Blown crisis sorry yeah in a way it's Just play bologna because I think they I Think they scored the last time they had Scored six uh they were playing Bolognese really Um they went a gold down in this game to One of the and go go on YouTube and Check this out because there's one of The luckiest own goals it wasn't a known Goal but the bologna guy shot it it hits Liko Gyan and he takes a weird uh Trajectory into the back of the net and This is when you wonder into coming off

The FIFA look I said against you they Weren't bad they played well uh I I Think Simone and I don't know how he Does it because I think there's a zoo But he has a way of keeping things calm Here's away This feels like I say more like a team Mentally yeah than not all good by Jayco As well wow I I thought yeah and two Goals as well for my boy feder DeMarco Milan uh Makes a lot of changes yeah drop points Like this could cost them the title Though and maybe more than that they They definitely could they missed Olivia Giroud in this game was obviously Suspended for picking up for sure yeah He felt so bad a poor guy Um what I will say before people get all Doom and gloom about them being eight Points behind Napoli is Milan won the title last season correct Yeah last season at this stage they had 32 points yeah this season they have 30 Points so I don't know if it's so much a Case that suddenly there were no eight Points behind someone who's flying last Season yeah but they can't control that I mean yeah they couldn't control they Could have beat Napoli when they played Them and they didn't I know but you see What I'm saying yeah Um if you assume Napoli gonna slow down I mean I'm kick it up a notch then

They're back in the race I don't think It's quite as as ogt as some people make It up maybe a bunch of changes and lose That leche 2-1 dropping down to fifth Now but gab I want to ask you about Their highly rated Central Defender Calebokoli so the interesting thing is We are turning into France this is a Natural thing with uh with with Immigration patterns and stuff like that Caliber collie is of Nigerian descent he Was born in Italy he was raised in Italy He's Italian uh he's played at Youth Level right up to the under-21 so Italy Is a very good mental defense he has not Yet been capped by Roberto Mancini Obviously won't be capped at the World Cup I think you know why Um it's a shame so Nigeria gets on the Phone uh this is what happens it's funny Because people made a parallel between This and Christian volpato plays for Roma whose parents are are Australian uh Or who's also Australia's parents are of Italian descent so he has an Italian Passport and he too is like you know he Got a call from from Australia you want To go to the World Cup and so on which Annoyed Mourinho apparently uh I find it Interesting about the world we're in That here we have The sign of Italian immigrants to Australia who's in a sort of has to Decide between nations and here we have

Another guy who is who's deciding Between nations who is the son of of Nigeria welcome to my world yeah Dilemma is dead Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus