Andre Blake EXCLUSIVE! MLS Cup with Philadelphia Union, expectation for LAFC, MLS GOAT? | ESPN FC

By | November 4, 2022

ESPN FC’s Herculez Gomez sits down with Philadelphia Union’s Andre Blake ahead of the MLS Cup final against LAFC.

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All right uh let's stay with MLS Cup and We'll focus in on Philadelphia and Specifically Andre Blake the 31 year old Jamaican International your 2022 MLS Goalie of the Year becoming the first Player to win that award three times he Also did so back in 2016 and 2020. Blake this year LED mls in clean Sheets with 15. the Union also allowed The fewest goals ever in a 34-game MLS Season for all that Andre's reward this Conversation with Hercules Andre thanks for being with us man thank You for having me uh Andre you've been In Philly since 2014. what does it mean To you to be an MLS Cup It's an amazing feeling you know I can't Really explain how I feel right now You know it's the biggest game in the Club's history you know what a moment You know we had a great moment last week You know winning that Eastern Conference Championship you know and Um we just enjoying the moment It's a difficult question but how does This team How is this team different from the Teams of the past like 2020 you know Like supporter Shield winning teams how Is this team different I think we have grown and Um we have become better defensively and And also we have more people scoring More goals and we'll just become more

Clinical and I think that's the Difference you know you guys are no Stranger to finals you've been in open Cup finals a few of them I believe three Of them have those experiences not Winning them maybe helped you grow into What will be this MLS Cup Final yeah Sometimes they say you have to lose Before you win you know so being in Those big games and you know not being Able to win it's it's always tough you Know but you you can really learn from Those games and you can really take that Experience and if you're a true Competitor and a true winner you can Really take those moments and really Learn from them and use them to grow and To get better and and as a player and as A club Andre give me give me an example One of those moments because there are People out there watching us and maybe Are thinking like what what kind of Moment how can you grow from that yeah So for me I I remember at once I was in Five finals you know I think it was two Gold cups and three open cups and I've Lost them all you know but in those Moments you can you can either get Bitter or you can get better you know You have to really learn from those Moments and if you're a true competitor And you want to win you know you're Going to get up you're going to go again You're going to really look back and say

Okay what I didn't do so well all right How can I be better and you're not gonna Stop you're just gonna keep going after It well not only did you get better uh Your team got better you personally Voted best 11 this year in Major League Soccer what does that mean to you it's It's a great feeling you know as the Goalkeeper you know in these tournaments Or in a league whatever season you Really need your goalkeeper to to be Able to make plays for you and and for Me you know I'm always happy and I'm Able to do that you know for me again Personally I always try to get better Every season every year and you know I Have this philosophy once you don't get Scored on you know unless it's a Knockout game that can go to penalty You're not losing the game so if you Know for me my my job is to try to not Get scored and then you're always close To winning the game you know you know I Used to play goalkeeper back in the day I mean back back in the day I started Out as a goalkeeper but I like the Feeling of feeling like it's always on The goalkeeper it's so difficult to be a Goalkeeper what I mean by that is you Can do well but you don't get the Recognition let's take Tebo corta Ballon D'Or voting he was seventh in the Ballon D'Or voting you were third in the MVP Boat voting it's got to be difficult

Knowing you have to do more than Everybody else to kind of get recognized As a goalkeeper yeah it's stuff and if You make a mistake You know quickly you get recognized for That but um we all know what we were Signing up for you know as goalkeepers You don't really get as much praise as You deserve you know I mean you can make 99 saves and and you know one goes goes In and you lose the game on zero you Know so we know what it is you know we Know what we're signing up for and you Know we just have to to do it regardless And and maybe sometimes you'll you'll Really get you know the recognition that You deserve Why has Philly been so successful this Year we have the culture that we have Created in Philly you know it's it's a Winning culture you know we have a group Of guys that you know Hungry you know we stay humble we know What we want And we just go for it tell me about Jim Curtin his influence on that what's he Like as a coach He's a Philly guy you Know he knows what he wants you know he Brings in the players to fit the system You know and he's such an easy going guy You know makes you want to play for him He respects you and um it gives you your Time but you just know when it's work Time it's work time he's a great guy and

I think he deserves all that he's he's Earning right now there are few teams as Good as lafcr at home you're playing Them at home in a cup final What do you expect Tough game This is going to be the the hardest game We've ever played you know um they're a Very good team They're playing well they're playing at Home it's gonna be loud You know We Are The Underdogs here you consider Yourself the underdog I mean you guys Have these points yeah but I think I saw The um the predictions and the Percentage and all of that you know and Um I think people have us as The Underdogs Does that bother you no I enjoy it I love it you know and um There's no pressure for us we're gonna Go in and we're gonna have fun hey I Have you as my goat in MLS goalkeepers You're very young and you're already There for me three I mean you've already Won three uh goalkeeper of the Year Awards What's next for you do you do you aspire To be in Europe Yeah you know it's it's been a dream From I was younger You know and Um I'll I'll never let go of that dream

Until I'm I retire you know but right Now I'm here and that's what I can Control So you know they said you know Bloom Wherever you're planted you know I'm Here right now I have to make the most Of this I have to be in the moment and Keep getting better Andre thanks my man Best of luck to you thank you for having Me Bloom wherever you're planted all right Interview Is Andre Blake the best goalie in MLS History Nick Armando wants a word Tony Miola wants award your boy Kevin Hartman Elgato once a word make the case for Andre Blake you forgot step and Fry he Was about to say Sounders TV Stephan fry Would like a word yeah what's the one Thing that all those you mentioned have In common uh they've all won an MLS Cup Which Andre Blake has not yet yes yet Yes but when I look At just pure ability what it takes to be A goalkeeper shot stopping process Distribution just keeping the ball out Of the net this kid is a freak of nature Yeah he's 31 years old I have never seen A goalkeeper like him in Major League Soccer Testament to that are the three Goalkeeper of the Year awards that he Has to his name right now goalkeepers Are playing right now until they're much Much older this this kid is only 31

Years old and I know that just 31 sounds A bit old right now but it does he could Play for a lot longer if you'd like the Question about going to Europe is valid Because I think he's got that Talent Level but I have what about the age what About the age 31 is that too old for Europe there are certain levels of Europe okay Um I don't think that's going to be up The age to attract top teams and top Leagues no but you can go to a top League mint table lower whatever you Want and work your way maybe have a good Season get noticed whatever the case may Be but when it comes to just goalkeeping After attributes an ability I have never Seen a goalkeeper like Andre break in Major League Soccer that doesn't mean he Is a winner because and I'm not saying He's a loser doesn't mean he's a winner Like some of these other goalkeepers That have one major league cup or MLS Cup excuse me Um but I don't think he needs it I think He's seen him and you see his ability And you can tell he's something special Three-time MLS best 11 four-time MLS All-Star Andre Blake let alone what he's Done with Jamaica he mentioned those Gold Cup finals 2015 2017 the 2017 Gold Cup he was the the Golden Glove the best Goalie in the tournament there and uh I Think it was you that that put me on to

It this Captain's documentary over on Netflix Andre Blake features in that Some great behind the scenes footage From Jamaica's qualifying run and you Really see Andre Blake I think in his Element at his very best there Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus