Analysing Liverpool vs Real Madrid’s mouth-watering Champions League tie 🆚

By | November 8, 2022

Andy Brassell analyses how Real Madrid's Champions League tie with Liverpool and whether the Reds can overcome the Spanish side after their final loss last season.



Liverpool's game against Real uh it's a Repeat of course the 2018 and the 2022 Finals I'm guessing this is the worst Possible fixture for yoga young klopp's Side it is but I think Emilia I made a Really good point there that the fact That the World Cup does condition this Unlike any other season um because we Can't know the physical or psychological Effects it will have on some of those Key players I think you look at we Always think when we see the last 16 of The Champions League draw there's a Massive difference between the ties that Come out the hat and the ties that are Actually on the pitch in mid-February That's even more so this time because uh The Champions League group stage has Finished six weeks earlier than it Normally does I think that's good news For Liverpool really because it's clear That they've got a lot of things to sort Out at the moment despite that win at Tottenham yesterday we can see gradual At all strands of improvement the fact That Darwin's adapting more and he could Be a huge player in this you know and Spanish fans won't be telling that or Media won't be telling that because the Absolutely terrorized Barcelona for Benfica Um in the group stage last year so I Think klopp has got plenty of time uh to Work with his team which I think is very

Valuable to him the other thing is I'm Not sure you want to face Real Madrid on On current form I don't see how they can Be much better than they currently are Even though they're just off the top of La Liga yeah I was going to ask you that Do you feel they are a whole better Proposition this time around then Yeah I think they are uh because if you Look at Vicky they've tried to get Younger and more athletic that's Something that they've done pretty well Um we heard about Jude Bellingham um Facing Chelsea in the top but they hope That he will be part of that uh going Forward but we have to see they're Already reconstructing that fantastic Move field with churamini and kamavinga Being a huge huge part of that Federico Valverde arguably that one of the most Important players now and when they've Missed Karen Benzema a few times Recently they've managed to deal with it In a way that maybe they wouldn't have Been able to even a year ago because They they have other options Rodrigo is More important vinicius is the absolute Peak of his powers and he could have an Enormous World Cup but again it just Depends what sort of condition they come Back from dohiring Thank you [Music]