A Perfect Hollywood Ending: LAFC Wins MLS Cup

By | November 6, 2022

Goals in extratime, a Gareth Bale header that sends the game to PKs, and a goalkeeper sub that ends in an MVP performance sound like a Hollywood movie, but that is exactly what MLS Cup 2022 featured. Join The Call Up in our season finale as we take in all the emotions.

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Thank you for joining the pigs for Joining the pants party We are coming to you from a very special Call-up season finale the 2022 MLS Cup And it is lafc Susanna Collins I cannot Even get my head around what we've Witnessed Jill this MLS Cup Final had it All a little bit everything literally Everything um but it's lefc who are a New MLS Cup champions and Jill we talked To some pretty amazing people but should We just should we just just just just Watch just Sean McCarthy and Will Ferrell John McCarthy did you think you Were gonna leave Los Angeles today the Most important person in this city in This literally No not at all I never even thought about That to the Senate love it once in my Life so it's amazing it's an amazing Moment You've been asked this a million times No doubt like absolutely heartbreaking Oh wow Will Ferrell what can you tell us About John And you know the irony he's from Philly We're extremely sad about what happened To Max we saved the game yeah the thing He made was unbelievable unbelievable That changes the game if he doesn't Touch it he doesn't touch him if the Game holds the Breakaway you don't know What can happen and I FaceTime Maxi About six times but then this mother

Rapper comes in and locks it down holy Crap I just met your dad and your Brothers What did you what did you say to the fam What what did you say to his family I just said I just said I watched him in Our early preseason game that was here At the stadium there was maybe like 10 000 people we lost like three to two Number one we won't do one no I don't Know You made like 20 quality saves it was Great you were like flying all over the Place and I just remember like where did That guy come from Miami and yeah Philadelphia can I point Something out before you go Will Ferrell Thank you for joining the pigs for Joining the pants Thank you Hey Look who showed up Thank you John you're gonna party with Will Ferrell tonight I just like what yeah Hey how was that It tasted like the best thing I've ever Drank In My Life All right John McCarthy before we let You go I know Subs got it now when when They presented you with that MVP trophy Take us through your emotions and you Had a shirt and shirt way under there Somewhere I know yeah um I had a lot of

Layers on my list Um I wear red gloves for my high school It's north Catholic it's where I'm sorry It's where I grew up from in Philadelphia Um When they gave me that trophy I didn't Know what it was I didn't know what it Was for And then when they said it I was like no Way like this is so real I'm still like In all um and I still am but it's like I Said before it's something I dream of as A kid to just lift a trophy I haven't Lifted a trophy since I was 15 years old A junior in high school so this is John We saw your family run and hug you and I Got emotional because I can't imagine What it was like for them watching you Step up in this moment what did your Family say to you You did it my dad said you did it go Dad It was it was an amazing moment like I Said these are moments we dream of as Players but you don't realize how much Our family backs you up and how much my Family means to me and how much of my Friends and family mean for me back home That were texting me yesterday today I'm Sure a little bit more now but like When I saw my son he's he's seven weeks Old it's it's something I'll never Forget my wife I love her I love my son I will never forget this moment well we

Got it on video I'll send it to you Later John thank you enjoy five minutes To break down 120 Minutes that we just Saw how would you summarize that The only way lafc can win MLS Cup was Done today I'll start today right MLS Cup Final Yeah you have been her in and around This league but for this game For everything that happened I mean it Literally had everything right we had Red cards we had extra time we had PKS Like have you ever seen a game have you Ever been a part of a game like that was This crazy and literally had all of Those things happening no I literally Felt like I just got off the roller Coaster like when we went up one zero up 2-1 then the equalized immediately then Up three two they're up through two it Was insane never ever been a part of a Game like this I'm just happy we can We're on the good end of it because I Couldn't imagine how Philly feels They're a good team too they've played Really really well and my heart goes out To them oh my God but it was a great Game from both sides and I'm happy I was Able to be a part of it there was so Many surprising moments what was the one That surprised you the most uh Gareth Dunking on Elliot dunking wild I was Like oh he still got it okay I lost my Birthday I still got it on the people I

Lost my mind when this okay but when you You're going up against the goalkeeper Of the year in PKS what was going Through your head like how did you guys Kind of like get focused and rally Knowing that Andre Blake was standing in The way of your first MLS cup with us he Phased it out he phased it out we've Been working on penalties since playoffs Started yeah so it's all about being Confident going up and doing your Routine and putting the ball when you Putting the ball where you want to if he Saves it he saves it that's why he's Gonna keep her in the air and if you put It in your corner and you score you Score that's what you do so it's tough But you know when the pressure's on That's when players you know some Players shine Sebastian Where does this moment rank in career Moments for you top obviously I got Traded last year when New York went on To win it I was a bit gutted but I was Happy for my boys there and this year Actually John told me a preseason I'm Gonna take you to the final and we're Gonna win it and here we are So go celebrate and thank you it's very Heavy Substantial did you drink oh wait did You drink out of the car yeah did you Drink it I was too busy go go go get Over there don't pour that in there

We're so happy for you and if you had it And if the cup is still filled bring it Over here I would like to try that thank You Okay to Sombrero uh to camiseta yeah Foreign Bendiga But you have the best outfit MVP of Close MVP de ropa hey Sanchez you are an MLS Cup champion how does it feel it feels Awesome I still don't understand what happened It was a great game great competition Against a fantastic team it could have Gone their way But uh I think that we also deserve to Be Champions uh this 2022 season Elliot take me through your penalty kick Please because I couldn't breathe I was pretty calm because John was being Amazing so we still had another chance In case I missed I just chose the side I Knew Andre is gonna was gonna go to her To his left because I remember another Penalty with Kansas City against then That he also went to his left but you Know once you choose the side you have To put it there we In a game that had everything what Moments surprised you the most I think the third goal being a man down Cheeky going all the way till the end Line and putting the cross and got it

Just uh heading it with everything he Has no he came here for these moments Carlos is here for this moments Chicho Denita they are all here for this moment So happy for that Ilya this team I am so Impressed with the mental strength of This team because even when they would Equalize and when they took the lead Like you guys consistent all season long You've been able to do this how Steve Steve Our leaders in the bench they put this On us every day it's not a coincidence That uh it happened today but because We've been training and and building This mentality day after day Elliott you Know it's the life of a goalkeeper that You gotta be ready when you're called on Talk to us about John McCarthy and it's A storybook MVP used to play in Philadelphia he gets the call up Literally hey the call up and he wins it For you guys unreal his performance in His short performance is not easy at all It's very difficult to step on the field Uh for that exact moment and he did it We remember a friendly game that he Played we played against America he was Tremendous on the penalties uh but uh he Was not lucky uh he today he was Tremendous again but he was lucky to Stop the the penalties and let me say Something Max from the field on the Ground uh with his injury uh called us

Together and asked us to do it for him So that's that's a real too it's Dedicated 100 it's for him one hundred percent Point to celebrate tonight Gonna be there for sure good for you Well earned we're so happy for you did You drink out of the cup yet no no okay Go do that yes we real we want everyone Everyone's drinking out of the cups They have him here since day one uh Earlier than any of us uh so let them Have it and we will celebrate later Brian I know you've got a party to go to But like real quick you guys just won MLS Cup in the most dramatic way Possible I can't believe it what like What is your initial reaction to this Match and how this all played out Unbelievable uh I can barely even talk I'm just screaming so much uh so excited Like I'm squeaking so excited the boys Put in so much work it wasn't a good Game for us uh and we still came out on Top I mean it's just unbelievable in Doing it in front of the 3252 in front Of all of our families it's like and John McCarthy stepping up and being the Man like you can't write a better story We did it for Max we did for me oh he Was born in Philly unbelievable oh yeah That guy wears way too much Philly stuff Around here we've been trying to stop Him for you before Ryan before we let

You go a lot of people are not gonna Know a ton about John McCarthy what can You tell people about him the most Professional hard-working guy he doesn't Care to be in the spotlight the guy the Guy puts in all the effort day in Day Out he's a phenomenal goalkeeper and he Stepped up big time he's never asking For a big contract he's never asking for The accolades and uh he's a he's one of The best guys you can have in a locker Room he he brings our team together in a Different way Immediately it's being shaved Immediately in the locker room Jill Um I I'm still I'm speechless I'm Will Ferrell crashed the call-up crashed an Interview Most importantly MVP sure Carlos Vela Sure most importantly he got the memo About the pants the pants the pants Party we had a pants party we watched um John McCarthy drink out of the MLS Cup I Mean honestly I I how are we going to Top this out there's a that's a Storybook type of ending and you know What now we just all go home we take a Little nap and we all get ready for the World to come and then we all come back To you in a few months for a whole new Season of the call up what a season we Have had we are so appreciative to all Our viewers and our our listeners it's All about you guys we have had an

Absolute blast this feels like the Perfect way to sign off for the season Sure sure does a little warmer than we Were in Portland last year and I really Am a little drier and I really really Have to say the amount of people that Have said hi to us here in L.A makes me Realize that the call up Is uh wait does this mean I have to Leave Los Angeles now yes oh you have to Go man dang it I thought it was like a Proper West coaster anyway all good Things come to an end um guys we love You we'll see you very soon thankful for You too my friend love you What's up everybody it is Susannah Collins and Jillian sakovitz co-hosts of The call up and if you want more call-up Action hit like And subscribe right here On YouTube right there and also make Sure that you download every episode of The call up every single Tuesday at five O'clock Eastern time or anywhere that You get your podcast and while you're Here why not check out some of these Other videos as well