7 Youngest Players at the 2018 World Cup: Where Are They Now?

By | November 12, 2022

From Kylian Mbappé, who now plays for PSG, to Moussa Wagué, who recently signed for Gorica from FC Barcelona, HITC Sevens takes a look at the youngest players at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and where those players are now.

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There is often a lot of excitement Around young players going into a FIFA World Cup in some cases like with Michael Owen in 1998 and most famously Of all Palais in 1958 those youngsters Can go above and beyond all expectations Taking that tournament by storm before Going on to enjoy incredibly decorated Careers within the game on other Occasions like with Fermi upper bumby in 2002 or Giovanni Dos Santos in 2010 they Can fall short of a lot of people's Expectations and struggle to recover From that disappointment within their Club careers so in today's video I Thought that it might be quite Interesting to take a look at the seven Youngest players at the 2018 World Cup In Russia just four and a half short Years ago and see how they are getting On now I actually made a video about Those seven players who were the only Seven teenagers at that World Cup on the Eve of the tournament in 2000 18. so I Might take a look back every now and Then what I had to say about them at the Time and how those comments have aged I Didn't say much it should be said at a Time when most of my videos were under Five minutes long which is about how Long I seem to spend on my introductions These days when you hear my voice in 2018 though I suspect that you will be Quite relieved that I didn't talk for

Long right without further Ado then and In the spirit of 2018 and being at least A little bit more concise than usual Here are the seven youngest players from The 2018 World Cup where are they now Seventh Jose Luis Rodriguez family cow Panama had the oldest Squad at the 2018 World Cup with a whopping nine players Over the age of 30 in the country's First appearance at a World Cup finals The average age of the Panama Squad Which was 29.6 was brought down Considerably by one of seven teenagers At the tournament Jose Luis Rodriguez Headed to Russia as the youngest and the Least experienced member of the Panama Squad having won just two caps up to That point and only ever having played 16 senior games of football at Club Level Rodriguez was contracted to Against Reserves at the time but he Never managed to get a game for the Belgian's side's second string Nonetheless Rodriguez started all three Group games for Panama all three of Which ended in defeat for the central Americans after the World Cup Rodriguez Joined istra 1961 in Croatia followed by A move to the alabaz B Team where he Played regular first in football for the First time during his career having Impressed last season on loaded sporting Heehon in the Spanish Segunda division Rodriguez now aged 24 joined family cow

Over the summer who are currently 14th In the Portuguese Primera Liga Rodriguez Has now won 38 caps of Panama who Narrowly missed out on qualifying for The 2022 World Cup finishing Just Four Points behind Costa Rica in the third Round fun fact Panama are now managed by Danish-born former Spanish International Thomas Christensen who managed Leeds United during the 2017-18 season I'm not going to go to 2018 I'll film this one as he had Nothing particularly interesting to say Which to be totally honest was the case On most subjects 6th Musa got itsa a player about whom There was much excitement in the summer Of 2018 Not only was Musa wage the Youngest player in Group H he started Senegal's opening two games in two Different positions right back and left Back and his goal against Japan made him The youngest African goalscorer in the History of the FIFA World Cup following Senegal's cruel group stage exit by Virtue only of fair play rules having Been tied on point skull difference Goals scored and headshead record with Japan wage was signed by La Liga Giants Barcelona from his current Club UPenn For a fear of 5 million euros if Jose Luis Rodriguez is in a better place now Playing for family cow than I most Likely would have predicted in 2018 then

Wage is certainly in a much worse one Though that is largely because of a Career-threatening injury rather than Through any fault of his own following a Handful of appearance for Barcelona and A half season on loan at nice wage went Online to palka in the 2020-21 season but in just his 12th game For the club he ruptured his patella Which is just about the worst injury That a footballer can get short of Having a leg removed the injury rolled Wage out for almost two years and Incredibly it meant that in the four Years following his starring role at the 2018 World Cup wage made just 23 Appearances thankfully he is now playing Football again at long last after Barcelona's sanctioned a deal to let him Join Croatian minnows garitza over the Summer who are currently marooned to the Foot of the hnl table that is the bad News as far as wage is concerned but the Main thing is that he is just playing Again 13 games already so far this Season at age 24 fingers crossed he can Continue his comeback in the years to Come fifth Trent Alexander Arnold Liverpool England had the second Youngest Squad of the 2018 World Cup Captained by a 24 year old Harry Kane in A tournament that they went into with Historically low expectations but ended Up reaching only their third semi-final

In a brief Interruption here I will go To 2018 Alfie on this one and see what He had to say about Trent four and a Half short years ago from one right back To another in fifth place is Trent Alexander old who is England's youngest Player heading to Russia born in October 1998 Alexander Arnold is only 19. but he Played 33 games in a Liverpool side Which reached the Champions League final This season Alexander Arnold was previously a Regular at England's youth side and even Backed seven goals from 10 caps for the Under-19s A quick hard-working fullback with a Dangerous cross Alexander Arnold is Unlikely to start for England with Kieran trippier preferred for that right Wing back spot seven goals in 10 games For the under 19s I'd forgotten about That but that is one hell of a stat I Was right about Alexander Arnold playing Second fiddle to Karen trippier who was Excellent at that world cup with Trent's Only appearance coming in England's Final group game against Belgium at Which point both teams had already Booked their place in the round of 16 And made sweeping changes looking to Arrest some of their best players Describing Alexander Arnold as a Fullback with a dangerous cross as I did In 2018 probably proved to be somewhat

Of an understatement given that he has Now made a career total of 66 assists at The age of just 24. that is an Incredible record for anyone let alone a Fullback though it is worth pointing out In my defense that Trent had made Just One Premium League assist when that Video came out since the 2018 World Cup Trent has won it all at Liverpool still His International career is yet to Rarely take off though and whilst he has Made England's World Cup squad following An injury to Reese James it is a similar Story now as it was in 2018 with a Liverpool star likely to place second Fiddle to Karen trippier a right wing Back in Qatar just as he did in Russia Fourth Francis Azo ammonia a really Interesting inclusion for reasons that I Am about to explain let's just hear Everything that 2018 Alfie had to say About a zohu four and a half years ago Unsurprisingly the youngest goalkeeper At this Summer's finals in Russia six Foot five inch shot stopper Francisco Was also born in October 1998. The youngest foreign goalkeeper in La Liga history as though who made two League appearances for deportivo La Karina last season a former Striker Turned goalkeeper having been told he Was too slow to play up front as though Who ironically looked quite like a Center board playing in net when he lay

In a hurricane shot against England in a Recent friendly well despite my gentle Ribbing at the end there real big man Mocking a 19 year old eh Zoho looked Very much like a goalkeeper in a recent Europa League Type 4 ammonia against Manchester United atoll Trafford earning Plaudits and a claim from across the Globe after he made 12 saves in a narrow One-level defeat for the cypriot outfit Asoho has apparently grown an inch since 2018 now reported as being six foot six Inches tall but he is another 2018 World Cup youngster who hasn't played very Much football since their tournaments in Russia he spent their 2018-19 and 2019-20 Seasons out on loan as deportivo La caranya tumbled down the Spanish Football League pyramid they were his Parent club by the way before joining Apparel on a permanent basis in 2020 Following a single season at applewell a Zoho joined ammonia where he is actually A backup to number one goalkeeper Fabiano making his performance at Old Trafford all the more impressive age 24 Azoho has now won 26 cups for Nigeria Who failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup falling at the final hurdle to Ghana By virtue only of away goals Third Ashrafakimi PSG Three of the seven teenagers at the 2018 World Cup right backs make of that what

You will I would suggest making Absolutely nothing of it but I found it Interesting nonetheless and here is Everything that I had to say about a Teenage ashrafakimi four and a half Years ago a very likely start to form Morocco at the World Cup 19 year old Ashrafakimi made his International debut At the age of 17. a graduate of the Real Madrid Academy akimi has been with Los Blancos for more than a decade and Wasn't even born the last time Morocco Reached the World Cup finals akimi Played 17 games and scored two goals for Real Madrid last season as the club won A third consecutive Champions League Title a quick and versatile footballer Hakimi is predominantly a right back but There's a chance he could be deployed at Left back to accommodate nabldare in his Favorite position in Russia well this Lad certainly knows his onions since Akimi did indeed go on to play left back At the 2018 World Cup to accommodate Nabil Dera right back with the exception Of Morocco's opening fixture against Iran in which hervey Reynard opted to Play a 3-4-3 formation and akimi was Instead deployed as one of three Center-backs alongside mechti menazia And romances that illustrates that Versatility that I spoke of at the time But now as an established senior Professional age 24 herkimi has very

Much established himself as a right-back Following the 2018 World Cup he went on Loan to Borussia Dortmund for the next Two seasons and he even made the 2019-20 Bundesliga team of the season the Presence of Danny carbajal right back Meant that Real Madrid still couldn't Promise him a starting birth though so Akimi forced through a 40 million euro Move to Inter Milan hakimu was excellent During this single season playing at the San Siro prompting a massive potential 71 million euro transfer to PSG Following a mixed debut campaign in the French Capital during what was a weird Season for PSG Hakimi looks to have Found his feet and to have settled down At the club now capable of becoming Rocco's most capped player of all time Hakimi has won 53 caps for the atlas Lines to date and he will be one of Their main men of the upcoming World Cup Once again Second Killian mbappe PSG a teammates of Ashrafakimis at PSG Killian and Bape had Already spent a season alone in Paris Prior to the 2018 World Cup before Making a 100 and 18 million euro Permanent move to the club after the World Cup had concluded at which he was One of France's starmen let's see what 2018 Alfie had to say about zimbape Before the tournament started the second Youngest player going to the 2018 World

Cup is without doubt the most high Profile teenager at the tournament the Second most expensive footballer in World football 19 year old and Backpage Won't turn 20 until just before next Christmas An immensely talented young forward who We personally like to see playing Through the middle and Bape has Fantastic Pace skill and confidence for Such a young player he's a potential Future Ballon d'Or winner and is likely Although not certain to start for France At the finals where he'll most probably Be played out wide on the right Who we personally like to see playing Through the middle we oh We who's we it has always just been me Here's me thinking that I've always Identified with the pronouns he slash Him but it turns out that four or five Years ago when I seemingly wanted to Give the impression that hatred cc7s was Some enormous media Empire with a Collection of different views I went by We slashers anyway I digress and Bape Hasn't yet won the Ballon d'Or age 23 Having finished fourth in 2018 sixth in 2019 2020s was canceled of course 9th in 2021 and sixth again in 2022 and he is Currently the third favorite to win it In 2023 behind Lionel Messi and erling Harland and Bape did indeed start for France but through the middle in their

Opening game against Australia Presumably because Didier deschamps Listen to us then on the right as I Suspected he would against Peru before Being rested in front Francis final Group game against Denmark he played on The right forefronts in every single one Of their knockout stage ties playing a Starring role against both Argentina and Against Croatia in the final being named As the young player of the tournament Umbapay has been incredibly prolific for PSG ever since and he is well on course To become France's all-time leading Apparent solder and goalscorer already With 59 caps and 28 goals to his name Now the highest paid player in all of World football and Batman looks set to Join Real Madrid on a free transfer last Summer before you turning once PSG Offered him a gazillion Euros a minute An unlimited supply of free oil and gas Direct from Qatar and promised to Covertly assassinate anyone who said That he looked like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle online alright they might Not have been the exact terms of the Deal I haven't actually seen the Contract but it was definitely something Like that First Daniel arzani MacArthur FC a Player who most non-australians didn't Know much about going into the 2018 World Cup and a player who most still

Don't four and a half years on Daniel Arzani was the youngest player at the World Cup finals in Russia and the Youngest Australian ever to have played In a World Cup he didn't start but came On as a substitute for Australia in all Three of their matches in Russia and After the tournament he was signed for a Thief around 1 million pounds leaving City football group owned Melbourne City To join City football group owned Manchester City azani failed to play a Single minute of football for Man City During his four years at the Etihad Going out on loan five times and failing To make much of an impression last Summer he returned to Australia looking To revive his career in the a-league Where he once won the young footballer Of the Year award in the 2017-18 season now age 23 the Iranian Born wide man joined MacArthur FC who Said 10 out of 12 teams in the a-league Just five games into their current Campaign where he will be a teammate of Former Cardiff City Wide man Craig noon Arzani has not been capped by Australia Since 2018 still stuck on just six caps And he will play no part for them of the Upcoming World Cup in Qatar so that is It for today's video a bit of a Throwback I hope that you enjoyed it uh Hit the like button if that was the case Let me know your thoughts as ever Down

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