7 Greatest World Cup Upsets of All Time

By | November 24, 2022

From North Korea beating Italy at the 1966 World Cup to the United States winning 1-0 against England in 1950, in light of Saudi Arabia's shock win against Argentina in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, HITC Sevens takes a look at some of the all time greatest World Cup upsets, and sees where Saudi Arabia and even Japan's recent wins might rank.

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In light of Saudi Arabia's stunning 2-1 Win against Argentina at the World Cup Which I inadvertently predicted albeit I Was only joking a lot of people are Asking whether it might be the greatest World Cup upset of all time it is a good Question Saudi Arabia are the second Lowest ranked team at this world cup Just outside the top 50 of the FIFA World rankings and they were hopeless at The 2018 World Cup in Russia four years Ago Argentina on the other hand were the Second favorites coming into this world Cup ranked third in the FIFA world Rankings and they hadn't lost any of Their last 36 matches the longest Unbeaten run in International Football Dating all the way back to July 2019 Before covid-19 had been identified when They lost to nolto Brazil so in light of Those discussions I thought that I would Give you a quick rundown of what I Consider to be the seven greatest World Cup upsets of all time and then at the End I'll tell you where I think Saudi Arabia's win against Argentina ranks Amongst them and why all right without Further Ado then here are my seven Greatest World Cup upsets of all time Seventh Uruguay one Costa Rica 3 in 2014. one of the most underrated World Cup upsets in my eyes an awful lot Happened in the first few days of the 2014 World Cup which meant that the true

Scale of this upset just got a little Bit obscured when the draw for the 2014 World Cup was made pitting Costa Rica in The so-called group of death up against Uruguay Italy and England everyone Expected the central Americans to be the Whipping boys and for the other three to Battle it out for the top two places and Progressions of The Knockout stage Costa Rica flips those expectations on their Head in the opening game against a Uruguay team which boasted a forward Line of Edinson Cavani and Diego Forlan And a center-back pairing of Diego Godin And Diego Lugano Costa Rica ran out 3-1 Winners overwhelming Uruguay with their Energy athleticism and and the speed With which they move the ball England And Italy fans were related at the Result suspecting that it might have Cleared a pathway for them to progress But they literally could not have been Any more wrong as it happened this Wasn't just some freak result Costa Rica Had come to compete they subsequently Beat Italy one nil Andrew nil nil with England to progress as the group winners Meanwhile Uruguay won both of their next Two games against England and Italy to Progress alongside them Costa Rica went On to reach the quarterfinals where they Only lost 4-3 on penalties to the Netherlands meanwhile Uruguay bowed out To Colombia in the round of 16.

6th Senegal won France nil in 2002 it's Important to fully contextualize all of These World Cup upsets going into the 2002 World Cup France were the joint Favorites along with Argentina and for Very good reason they had won the World Cup in 1998 beating Brazil 3-0 in the Final and since then they'd also won Euro 2000 and the 2001 confederations Cup their team was brimming full of Talent and the likes of Thierry Henry Patrick Vieira and David trezegay were Coming into their primes in outstanding Form at Club level even without Zinedine Zidane who picked up a knock in France's Final warm-up game libler were expected To cruise through what many described as A very easy group Senegal on the other Hand were making their World Cup debuts The lowest ranked African team of the Tournament this was the opening game of The 2002 World Cup and and it pitted First against 42nd in the FIFA world Rankings there were no household names In the Senegal Squad all but two members Of their squad played their Club Football in France not all of them in The Top Flight it should be said and the Other two played in Africa Senegal not Only beat France though courtesy of a Goal from the late great Papa buba Diop A man who was nicknamed the Wardrobe They were deserved winners for all of Their possession France created few

Chances and Senegal speed and intent on The counter-attack made both Marcel Desai and Franklin buff look as though Their best days were firmly behind them Senegal went on to reach the Quarterfinals where they lost one mil to Turkey in extra time meanwhile France Finished winless and bottom of their Group in one of the all-time great World Cup upsets all round Fifth Argentina nil Cameroon 1 1990. Senegal's one-nil win against France was The greatest World Cup upset in 12 years Immediately earning comparisons with Cameron's famous 1-0 win against Argentina at Italia Nancy Cameron's Victory was even more shocking and Surprising given that they were managed By a totally unknown Soviet head coach Who didn't even speak French many of Their players had only recently been Amateurs and 10 of them still played Their Club football in Cameroon now Contrast that with the opposition an Argentina team that were reigning world Champions following maradona's heroics At 86 who had himself just had one of His best ever Seasons at Napoli Prompting some people to predict that Argentina might just successfully defend Their Crown they would come mightily Close but in their opening fixture a Fast and aggressive Cameroon team who Ended the game with just nine men beat

Them one nil Francois omambiak scored The winning goal for the Africans just Six minutes after his brother had been Sent off Cameroon ended up winning the Group and became the first ever African Scene to make the quarterfinals Neymar Argentina bounced back to reach the World Cup final despite finishing third In their group where they lost one ill In the final to West Germany fourth West Germany won Algeria 2 1982. only four African nations had Appeared at the FIFA World Cup before Algeria arrived on the international Stage and between them they had won a Combine total of just one game most of The Algeria Squad played their Club Football in Algeria and of the seven Exceptions to that rule who all played In either France or Belgium most had won Few cups for Algeria prior to the World Cup West Germany meanwhile were one of The tournament favorites as the reigning European Champions with a squad that Boasted the likes of Paul brightner low To matteus and two-time Ballon d'Or Winner Carl Hans romanica so confident Were the West Germans the RNA press Conference before the match head coach Yup derwell was overheard stating that If we don't beat Algeria we'll take the Next train home he wouldn't stick to his Promise rabba Madja who signed for Porto Three years later where he was a big

Success opened the scoring and two goals In the space of a single minute from Carl Hines romenegger and algeria's Greatest ever footballer like darba Lumi Saw the match ending 8-2-1 win for the Algerians and one of the greatest World Cup upsets of all time Algeria ought to Progressed from the group stage after That but in the final group game between Austria and West Germany both teams knew That a West German win by a single goal Would see Algeria eliminated and both of Them Progress West Germany opened the Scoring after 10 minutes and for the Rest of the game virtually nothing Happened it became known as the grace of Heehon and it forced FIFA to implement a New rule that all final group games must Be played at the same time West Germany Went on to reached the 1982 World Cup Final where they lost 3-1 to Italy Third Italy nil North Korea won 1966. North Korea seems uniquely mysterious to Most of the world these days as a Hermit Kingdom with few comparable states that Wasn't quite the case in 1966 just 13 Years after the end of the Korean War at A time when North Korea was very closely Allied with the Soviet Union and they Were one of many communist countries That might have been true of the dprk as A country itself which wasn't even Recognized by the house nation in 66 but Perhaps never has there been less known

About a national football team heading Into a World Cup the North Korea at the 1966 World Cup finals the dprk had only Played their first official game in 1964 Just two years earlier which they drew Nilnil with Burma and they only had to Play two games both coming against Australia in order to qualify for the Tournaments in England there was Something surreal about North Korea's Footballers who were by far the shortest At the tournament and they developed an Immediate affection from the people of Middlesbrough playing with an almost Military structure and discipline after Losing their opening game three nil to Their allies the USSR North Korea Drew Waddle with Chile before facing Italy in Their final group game North Korea shots The world with pakduick scoring the Game's only goal and they later raced Into a three in a lead against Portugal Before losing 5-3 in the round of 16. That defeat saw Italy dumped out in the Group stage and they were pelted with Tomatoes upon their return to Rome Second West Germany 3 Hungary 2 1954. now I know what some of you will Be thinking how can Germany beating Hungary be a bigger shot than North Korea beating Italy or Cameroon winning Against Argentina well allow me to Explain Germany were not considered to Be a formidable national football team

Prior to 1954. they had gone out in the First round of the 1938 World Cup Despite annexing Austria to take all of Their best players and they were banned From even competing in the 1950 World Cup as a result of World War II Hungary On the other hand were the biggest Pre-tornment favorites in the entire History of the FIFA World Cup in 1954. They hadn't lost a single game of Football in more than four years their Team was widely considered to be not Just the greatest in the world but in The entire history of the sport and they Won their last game before the the Tournament 7-1 against England during The group stage Hungary beats South Korean 9-0 and West Germany 8-3 before Beating Brazil and Uruguay 4-2 in the Quarter and semi-finals West Germany Bounced back from getting trounced by Hungary to get out of the group before Beating Yugoslavia in Austria to reach The final as well given hungary's shared Dominance and the fact that the final Came just two weeks after they had beat West Germany 8-3 this was expected to be An extremely one-sided Final in what Became known as the miracle of burn Though the rain was torrential Germany Utilized their brand new longer studs And ference pushkash got injured Hungary Raced in sway tuna lead within the first Eight minutes but the West Germans

Fought back with helmet Ron's 84th Minute winner capping off by far the Greatest upset of any World Cup final First USA won England nil 1950. A result so shocking that journalists From around the world just assumed that There have been some kind of typo and That England had actually won the game 10-0 the USA's one will win against England at the 1950 World Cup in Brazil Is the greatest World Cup upset of all Time and in truth it isn't even close The 1950 World Cup was England's first Having been widely regarded as the best Team in Europe if not all the world up To that point whilst there was an Element of English hubris and arrogance And still is England almost certainly Were actually the best team in the world During the 1940s but by the 1950 World Cup many of their best players had Retired their defensive linchpin turned Down a call-up and the fa allowed Stanley Matthews to miss the first game To go to Canada instead nonetheless the United States were a bunch of amateurs Who had been thrashed by a touring Manchester United Team shortly before The World Cup and who were only hoping To keep England in the single digits Their resilience then as England missed Chance after chance struggling with a Stomach bug that had Afflicted the Entire Squad ever since their arrival in

Rio was absolutely remarkable Joe Geichen a Haitian student studying in The United States scored the only goal Of the game ensuring that England's World Cup debut ended in a shocking Group stage exit so those are my seven Greatest World Cup upsets with honorable Mentions for East Germany's 1-0 win Against West Germany Nigeria beating Spain 3-2 Northern Ireland's famous win Also against Spain South Korea knocking Italy out with a little bit of help in 2002 Bulgaria's 2-1 win against Germany Switzerland beating Spain in 2010 and The Republic of Ireland's Victory Against Italy but where does Saudi Arabia's 2-1 win against Argentina rank Among those Alzheimer's for me I would Put it either 5th or sixth ahead of Costa Rica and Senegal's famous World Cup upsets but behind algeria's win Against West Germany or North Korea Beating Italy and roughly on par with That legendary Cameroon win also against Argentina at Italia 90. it is an Enormous upset but Saudi Arabia aren't Total unknowns like some of those others So I think that that is a an accurate Reflection of where it ranks on the All-time shocker meter there isn't Really a shocker meter I've just invented that that is it for Today's video but thank you all very Much as ever for watching hit the like

Button if you enjoyed it I hope that That was the case of course let me know Your thoughts Down Below in the comments Where do you think that it ranks and do You think that there are any upsets that I missed out and feel free to subscribe And turn on notifications for hitc7s you Can also find me on Twitter or on Instagram via the username at hitc7s on Both should you wish to do so