3 More Games To Go! | The Redmen TV Podcast

By | November 2, 2022

3 More Games To Go! | The Redmen TV Podcast

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The iconic Redmen trio is back as Paul is joined by Chris and Ste to take a final look at Liverpool's win over Napoli, the 433 formation and how Nunez should needs to start every game!

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Thanks for clicking on this video if you Want more content just like this head Over to redmemeplus.com and sign up as a Club legend or a club Captain you'll get Picked such as 20 off all armage two Free pieces of merch every single year And you'll also be in our Discord and Facebook group so you can talk to other Reds what more could you really ask for See you there [Music] Foreign Podcast and the three of us are back Together it's been a while there really Has been a little while Steve's been on His uh his mid-season break Ahead of the mid-season break yeah a bit Of warm weather training for the last Two days are we going to play before People stop again what are you trading For Fighting contest how much steak can you Possibly consume contest if there's one Of them in the same but I'm Prime Season it doesn't remember one of them Yeah it's still Chris pay Jack and Paul Merchant here for Liverpool related Podcasty goodness Um Yeah we're going to be talking Leads Napoli and Beyond there's three Games now until the the mid-season break And I want to know where people how People are feeling about that because

Like probably yesterday walking into the Office everyone was like oh gosh and Then today Liverpool have subsequently Won a game of football and whether that Changes things we'll get into all that If you are watching or listening live on YouTube then you can use the live show Chat to interact with you over on Twitter you can come join us as well uh For that and after the fact just Remember we love you just as much All of that the lights list Um Kickoff question Ashley frith one of our Club Legend subscribers asks with the Disgraceful Matt Hancock going uh going Into I'm a celeb which of our current Players do you think would do best and Worst I you know I didn't I need context I found out today Lord we all in Difficulties don't know how much Celebrities yeah we saw it in the club Legend I see someone needed that Explaining to them what it was all about Since okay so just for for context of What I'm a celebrity is is that a number Of pseudo celebs go into her into a Jungle And they have to basically do games for Food Russians and what have you the Public vote to put them in a variety of These things and they range from having Like insects on your face to eat cotton Kangaroo penises to drinking horrendous

Stuff to being locked in small enclosed Areas with creepy crawlies and all that Kind of stuff and at times it is the Greatest television known to man and Other times it's a bit crap Um so yeah that's it and yeah Matt Hancock who is also obviously disgraced MP and the current man trying to push a Book Um and I'm mainly responsible for so Many people dying due to covid-19 in This country is growing in there Um but we'll talk about that on podcast Extra because Gonna Keep politics at the Podcast Chris gotta keep politics out of The podcast I've got weird tomorrow I've Got many many words and largely about my Hancock yeah why do we have to save a Fracture I can't we do it now gotta keep Politics off the podcast Um the prick Um make them pay for the good stuff yeah Yeah cool join us on that we'll be going Live immediately after this over on Redmanplus.com so yeah anyway Um who would the current Liverpool Players do you think would do best and Worse I remember nothing And I've got a sneaky I believe them I Think I see I when people say that he's Scared the spiders You'll get in the bath and she's as bad As I know I think that I think Van Dyke Will be the best because

He's got the attribute for everything Skill wise massive Strong Quick and I do And calm as you like as the song goes I Think he's actually a brave fella so you Need someone who's cool on the pressure In that environment Don't be stupid it's Darwin Nunez Darwin Nunes gets in the box with the spiders And the spiders run away like there's There's absolutely no way that anything And and you can imagine it he's a he's Chaos on the football fields he'd be Chaos in that as well you pick up yellow Cards when they're not a thing yeah you Know what I mean like that's what he's About like he'll be there he'll be doing Other people's challenges for them Because he steals goals off people why Wouldn't he steal challenges off people Imagine the skills challenges though Like it'd be like throw a hoop over over That kangaroo's normal that's what they End up doing got one missed I think you Get one from you a yard he gets one gets One for like 20 yards but misses the one From the fourth one it'd be up it would Be great television but and also I Suppose you would not I said this dude Anything's a possibility with him to say Like any from I'm gonna score from the Halfway land to I'm gonna knock somebody Out and everything in between is is on The table at any second with Darwin so He might not do the best in terms of

Winning but I think it's entertainment He would be more he'd make the first Couple weeks fly I think of a name I I Like the idea just knocks like Boy George Double team of Trenton Robbo going in Because again I I because I think Robert Would be good value because I could see Him like talking himself through stuff And challenges but he's got like a big Bowl a goldfish bowl full of crickets And he's just going like hey there pal Are you doing oh dog got my nostril what Are you doing there you know what I mean I think he I think he'd be good about it I think he'd be tough but if you could Put Trent in there with an I have a Sneaky suspicion Trent's another one I Thought he strikes he's the kind of lads He wouldn't deal very well with like Untied and stuff he's clearly got a bit Of OCD about some Trends and I think Like I could see Robo just ripping him For weeks You wouldn't even get a motion it just Battled through and do it and it was Like okay well but yeah thanks so much For bringing all the food to kind of Terrible tally though got it oh God Dick again okay Children starving in Africa Yeah You better go but in terms of what you Want to be good you want people who

Freak out a little bit James it might be You [Laughter] Um yeah we do waste Who would do West Um at the moment for being you know you Can't do anything right because like He's gonna be like absolutely nail this Because he's got he's strong and he's Tall and he's quickly he's powerful and He'd just be like he'd be going to reach Reach for things and he'd be missing Them and he'd be like falling off Ravines and all kinds he's the candle at The moment this season when he'd jump Out the out the plane and his parachute Wouldn't open because that's just how His season's going so far so it probably Would be him but any other suggestions Petland there's Only because it's very Matt Hancock it's Like obviously he's released the book Intensity and stuff like that and then He goes in there and shows that he's got Absolutely not a lot of scrutiny on on There how hard Pepper would be working In that situation yeah I'd be I'd be Keen to see that I mean ultimately yeah And cop would be the greatest get out of Celebrities ever had of all time but There's no way no way never ever Sure no no you say that let me say no Yeah turns off skinci is in a few weeks Yeah absolutely

Um okay so uh L I am here in the Comments says that Nabi would be the Worst Break There's players who you kind of want to Test so I kind of like the way like my Hangout is going to end up getting voted Forever he's going to be like the Jillian mckeith or whatever whereas yeah Someone so they want them to go through The ringer I think it'll be a lot of Liverpool fans just tested them to see How how he how he copes in that kind of Environment and knowing how that goes He'd probably be boss you know what I Mean I'd be like you know you wait You're hoping someone's going to be Rubbish but really they end up they end Up being really good yeah I think it's An interesting challenge anyway yeah Ellis I think the edge would be Squeamish I I have a sneaky feeling that Like okay like I laugh I'm just scared Of mice they have a giant fellas again He's got the long hair I think he did I Think we've got any level the news the Hair down just like you don't keep Getting all sort of creepy crawlies in There and all that kind of stuff and When he wakes up in the middle of the Night and he's got like a giant spider On his head virtual strikes me as the Kind of you know the old Tom and Jerry Cartoons with the the maid that end up

On the chair with like Launcher And then James Miller Visa yeah and Brought on television Right now before we dive into it then uh We're gonna be talking yeah a little Very very briefly about leads we're Going to talk about the glory of beating The best team in Europe Um in Napoli Um and then beyond a very short break Because we've got some fabulous Fantastic wonderful Christmas jumpers That are available to pre-order right Now we've got two brand new knitted Christmas jumpers it's our collaboration With threads for red knitted Christmas Jumpers no word of a lie these are Absolutely incredible we've got our Glorious history with every trophy that Liverpool have won every single major Honor and this is a reissue it's looking Smooth it's looking fine it feels great Got the little Captain thing with a load Of captains on the arm over there we've Got the the managers over there and We've got our brand new believer Christmas jumper as well oh yes it's Jurgen klopp it's a knitted Christmas Jumper it's got the trophies that he's Won on the side and it's got the lyrics To the famous Jurgen klop song all over The arm these two jumpers right now up For pre-order at redmemmatch.com that's

Redmanmates.com there is a limited Number of these we've manufactured them So you need to be quick you need to get On it redmemmedge.com Probably haven't just discovered that Joe's ability to count down from 10 Really like him from five then you know Yeah I would give him a bit more credit Than it was due by the way I know he'll Bring up your eyes Redmanmage.com we're now Spooky season is done Obviously we've got to get the fireworks You'll sell out to Liverpool they're Frightening performances That's a good tweet that's the she said I get numbers yeah exactly your negative Liverpool tweets like a horror movie Villain coming back for one last scare Keep keep it keep this to yourself this Is something where we disagree on okay You think I'm a protector basically no No and I don't I just think you are no I Just yeah you do a little less and less Though Yeah I've got less time in my life he's Working too hard that's what it's no Literally just come on Three weeks Okay We lost the leads uh we did two in a big Bits Um Like working days for three weeks

Um anyway yeah a little lost the leads It was shy Um He led us to Um being in that General so to believe It reminded me a lot in the build up Because to like to build to Man City Where there's a lot of fatalism around It in a different way because I think People expected us to get like battered By City because we've been in [ __ ] form Or whatever I saw a lot of like the whole like just Play a bunch of children in this game And throw it away It's there's four games left in the Season but mid-season We've obviously had to rotate but I I'm Glad they approached it the way they Approached it because ultimately and I'm Sure James Miller might disagree if he's Injured for any more than a couple of Days or whatever but We didn't get the result to get us top Of the group But I walked out of anfield feeling Really good about myself again and once I get to another example where we've Gone up against one of the informed Teams in in Europe and proved that we Can we can hold our own again to them Which man city already told us but I Just think we just we're gonna this is Gonna be a season it feels like I've

Been having to remind us as we're not Going to be that 95 Point team but we're Also not quite as bad as the Extrapolation would have us over the Full over the full season of BNF yeah Yeah again said it well in his press Conference after the game you know we Talked about you know I think he was Asked the question something along the Lines if they doubt the quality of this Shot and jagan's answers no I don't Doubt the quality of this side the boys Have got quality the team has got Quality dishes from the basement by the Way and this is the sentiment of what he Was saying it's the consistency that We've got a problem with right now it's Not the quality of the lads and that That there's loads of reasons for that It is injuries it's the amount of Minutes for the lads who aren't injured It's obviously everything else that we We know all the reasons of Liverpool Have got quality they've always had Quality they haven't dropped off a cliff In any way shape or form but they're not Able to do it at a consistent level Right now that's the difficult thing That we've had Man City played into our Hands because they played those like Man City play Liverpool Toe to Toe and Napoli played us Toe to Toe and we're Still good at that Toe to Toe we have a Problem when it's other sides who are

Sitting back and you know you're losing Early goal because you're getting hit on The counter attack but you leave Yourself open to the counter attack when Sides don't play is like that we've Still got that new show last night a Confidence that's easily shattered don't Get me wrong when you can see the first Goal but when we scored that first goal The confidence through the side the the Way that we were playing football was Just Liverpool now it helped that we Went to four three three it helped that We had a defender in Canada who was able To move the ball forwards without us Going across the back line nine times Before we found the pass like we just Got into the Midfield it helped that we Had the high press again because we had A front three that were able to play the High press and it helped that we had a Midfield that understood the roles all Of that to say Liverpool can still play The 4-3-3 this season as long as the Play is to play the 433 and when we play The 4-3-3 and we've got the players to Do it we'll be just as good as we've Ever been it like it was just like Watching Liverpool again you know and We've we've had some wild bits and Pieces and I saw a little glimpses Within iax but it's the it's the Recognizable patterns of play that Returned and the problem is with that is

That it was that part of the problem That got us into the situation and the First instance is if we can recognize You can opponents recognize it blah blah Blah but at this point I just don't Think we can afford to be too choosy We've tried a few other things to try And jump start things and make things Work but we've had a long lengthy Discussions over the last month or so About what you lose when you do change That and you're the marginal gains that We're we're baked into this side and This squad and the collective Understanding go when you're changing it Because you gain the elements of Surprise but you lose the tried and Tested and if you keep changing things It does not you you are going to be Inconsistent because it's gonna you have Different results you know the time that The diamond hasn't worked I know we beat That I actually but I don't think we Play well it looked it got explore He didn't want to have to use 4231 Diamonds ideally he wanted to be 450 He's another puppy boss again he had to Try and change stuff again injuries form Loads of different things it was like Say last night it was more more like us I said I said that on the show so don't Repeat myself too much like we are the Seasonal living embodiment of the katuso Sometimes maybe because sometimes maybe

[ __ ] that's what we are and there is no Rhyme or Reason for that I don't think Between games but particularly it Shouldn't be as up and down usually when You can you're at a level and you hover Around it oh we're up here and die on The floor at times and that's what That's what goes back to consistency I'll just need to find the level because Liverpool being seven out of 10 will win The majority of games because our Quality will shine through it's that When you've got the injuries and when Things are gone wrong and you're down Here it's madly that's the way we are It's so strangely and collapsing because The one thing I would say about this for The last few years is we have been Consistent we've either been 80 Consistently good but when we've been Shared we were actually consistently [ __ ] yeah because we could come losing Every weekend like in that covered Season it wasn't with there was no ups And downs it was just it was all the Hounds until it turned around there's a Hotel yeah so to to see us go on like The roller coaster it's very unlike us We are playing like a team even in a Tough four battles teams do you can man United can win the Derby against Man City but then lose four Nails a bit you Know that that that's what they've been Through the Diaz is the big thing that's

Changed all this and why we've changed Formation so many times and again Jurgen Said this in his press conference after The game he said basically look the the Four three one two we played and he Alluded to this and I'm reading in Between the lines a little bit but Darwin Nunez wasn't able to do the Defensive side of a left of a three but He can do the offensive side to the left Of the three which we saw last night When we were pushing on and we were Trying to win the game he was doing now It's not because he doesn't try because He does run he runs back he defends he Just doesn't understand the role and I Think now that he's probably looking at It and you know going back to the Original Point Diaz was on that Left-hand side you can do that as soon As we lost it as soon as we lost jotter You haven't got anyone who can do that Kate Jones had a great impression of That last night and grew into the game And I'm shocked at the amount of abuse That he had online on stuff because he Just wasn't a bad player but noon as if He can show us that he can do that Left-hand side and put the and Understand the defensive side of things We will play the four three three and We'll be better in the 4-3-3 but we need Players back to be able to help us do That as well and I think Louis Diaz is

Probably the player that allows us to Play the 433 at the moment and also one Of the reasons he went to four two three One and again he said this as much then He was that well I had loads of Attackers fit and I normally feel this Fit so why would I why wouldn't I just Get all four of them because he was Picking for them and he still had the Quality ad on the bench when everyone Was back so you know we had he had jota Salad known as Bobby you just picked Four of them and had one on the bench Along with Javier so cavali can get Involved yeah now as we move Now where's The midfielders are starting to get back With it again so pretty much all of them I think are available now the sentiments I don't know about hendo still Because in general that no one's miles Off it they're all they're all available Yeah with the exception of our story was Never really yeah yeah it doesn't exist He's a he's a figment of our imagination Over the night he's got like he's got Chamberlain and Clayton available now For the next three games he's got Everyone back so it makes sense that oh I've got me midfielders back I might as Well go back to because what the I think The the Diamond exposed for being those Weaknesses even more because he's having A bad season and I wrote this on Twitter And I know you don't know I said what we

Did to fabina was unfair we make we got We were we put a lot he was desperate For help he needed help and we took the Help away from him we made them do more Work in that three yes they he wasn't Great but he had Lads close to him it Would help put him out like I Highlighted it back in Napoli and we've Seen it where the collectivism is what Has been the strength of Liverpool it's Everyone where I can constantly everyone Pushing through the pain and there's Been one too many Lads going either I've I've done also I need so I really need To go or go and got this [ __ ] I I don't Think I've I don't think I've got this And it's all well it's I equate it to Like you know you end up with like loads Of ciggies on a random area of the floor Because when you go to put a ziggy butt Out you go you look around and the Second you see another city boat you're Like close enough it's like when you're Looking for a bin and you go that's why Rubbish ends up next to a bin because as Soon as another human being has followed That path and when the bottles on walls Or yeah exactly you know and that's what Liverpool have kind of had in their in Their mentality of like well he's not Running I'm not running well it kind of Absolves you because you don't stay out Like a sore thumb for your lack of Effort if there's one two or three more

Lads all like you that spreads and that Gives you the get out of jail free card For not being the one who kind of Sprints back but when you start when you Start to put the effort in as a team Everybody put the effort in as a team And I think that's why I'm still Don't know the right word I'm not Negative on it right but being able to Be up for shitty and being able to be up For Napoli is is different to being able To be up for leads and Nottingham Forest And it's not until we can outrun them And outwork them that we're going to Become consistent they have the ability To do it and they went back to basics we Won every second ball last night for the First time our goals were second ball Goals like that's just not been Happening Yeah they were always close for the Tackle the high press help the Midfield Were there we went five yards away for Being on an island all by himself but You've got to do that against the Smaller sides or the perceived smaller Sides that's how you become consistent You have to do that against everybody I Thought it could because again a result Of injuries the Summer where we probably Didn't get the plays and we wanted what Blah blah blah I think sometimes you should see for Example in the final even ourselves to

An extent right now where they've got Loads of good players loads of options And the confidence is that they know That even even if they're only five out Of ten we've got a little bit of quality That'll just win us this game the pool Haven't really had that doesn't mean Anyone who's just gone yeah I'll just Winners this game when we don't play Well because listen we We Heart Basketball league and the Great Moments We've had League winning season Champions League Whatever but there's games in there Where the people just sneaked out to one Nil or just about got there with a Little bit of quality we haven't really Seen that this year it was more when we Were like Newcastle was the last kick of A game of a bounce of a ball we had the West Ham game where it was a penalty say Even a you know clearance off the line The last second we haven't really shown The quality just to eat these sides out Where you don't work them but you took Up too much for them so therefore you're Writing saying we need to match these Teams away quickly because we haven't Got the difference in quality actually Hasn't shown itself yeah Napoli and I Actually just great examples of how you Manage a football game and we did ride Our little more certainly in the opening Of the ax game than the Napoli and they

Still had two really good opportunities To um to score in that match as well um But what what we right you put that in Fish you control the game you take the Sting out of it get on the ball you Don't necessarily need to throw the Kitchen sink either because I had the General feeling that apple game was like And we're the better team here they've Had a couple they've made there's one That he ends Is probably a more presentable chance But I generally felt in general like we Had them add the more of it because we Were just yeah we were we were in Control and what gave us that ability I Went to canate before it was being able To play out from the back because Everyone understood where the where the Player was they were supposed to pass to Now last night was the first time I've Seen him probably three or four games Where Alison's hit the left back because They're pressing High and the Amphibino's dropping in between Van Dyke And can I take and there's Four Lads and Allison just three times knocked the Ball over to Shimmer cash we used to do That all the time but when we play a Formation that we don't know we don't Know where our out balls are and we just Built up really well around the pressure And you did the first time and you don't Know who use cover them for you and you

Can't trust that the person is going to Cover for you so that leads to fear as Well and you're right now they can step Into Midfield knowing that there's going To be ladies who are going to fill that Gap in behind and we saw that time and Time again that's the beauty of the Three Midfield particularly in the Fullback areas and it's mad that it just Wasn't seemingly happening at the start Of the season the same way but the Resort with Trent the trends had another Very Middle of the road game I thought but The in terms of like who was in there Helping him you had a midfielder helping Him you had another Center back you had The wild man coming back out to help out When when needs be it just felt it felt Low it was a team performance for the First time yeah Like a like an old pop group or whatever And then you've split up and then you Come back and you just they start Playing your song when you're old no When you're meant to sing your beer Because it's just muscle memory it looks Like Liverpool like an old poor creeper Now you have to wait at the level that They used to be out or whatever but they All knew the jobs so like you're right And saying it was in it was boss to see Who's going to drop in the airspace of Rubble oh there's Trends he isn't

Playing sentiment anymore he's just Playing from his right back and he's Trying to play these balls it looked Likely people were doing it not a cheap Imitation yeah yeah Like you'd find the Chelsea do this all The time where they'd be tasked with Coming in and refreshing the team so a New guy come in he'd bring in a load of Young players go tits The European trophy at the end of the Season and that's kind of what we feel Like at the moment whereas the the a Combination of injuries robbingers of The younger players and some of the Younger players being a bit too young Were not quite ready to hand the bat on Them with a smooth trainer we've missed The window of the smooth battle in Transition now we're playing a bit of Catch-up and it's been a bit it's being A bit messy so what's happening in terms Of the in terms of the battle and then They're stopped at the end of the box Where they're not allowed to go any Further and they just lashes yeah No it is it is a bit of a mess but my my Thing I think about this the medium If I'm honest was it why you're having a Way no drive oh I wasn't driving because I would be [ __ ] cars it sat in the Back of a [ __ ] taxi staring that was Staring at the window passing by but it Was about how you you about the climb to

Get to the top of of your game and how Teen I did a video on this on my channel And I started out how you tend to start Off a four two three one and that's a Very good counter-attack and formation Because he just gives you stability of Having two guys in front of the back Four and then you've got you you got Some patient you can start and you can Start to build some possession into your Play but largely teams don't think You're very good so they think you're Beatable should they leave themselves Open to the counter attack Ole guns Manchester United exactly Leicester won The league doing that but then it could Never come close to repeating their feet Liverpool had an early on the clock but Then you've got a transition to be in a Possession-based side because inevitably Teams Is a good result exactly but the problem We've got is that teams treat us like We're brilliant but we're not brilliant Until you go go back to go back to base It's going to be a counselor when you Can't go back to 423 when you can't go Back in the process because teams don't Play you like that teams don't throw the Kitchen sink at you and leave themselves Wildly open to doing the same thing so That's where we've been at we've been Trying to play certain styles of play That would suit a team that was a bit

Crapper on the clan but we're not on the Climb our reputation goes precedes us so We're still we pull through three as Much as it's not perfect We're still more often than not going to Come up against teams that that's gonna Shoot us and then it's about Personnel On top of that so just hopefully Plugging someone like Darwin Nunez in And it goes into one appointments it's About I've seen loads of people saying It going it's got to start now she's got To start out obviously I don't Understand why he's not starting that Performance shows me exactly why he's Not starting because That impact that he can have in half an Hour is bigger than anyone else we've Got in that Squad who's capable of doing That for half an hour we're so Nottingham Forest we're throwing for the Last 10 minutes I think the fact that he Doesn't start tells you how important he Is yeah it's that simple because he Wants some full sense for Napoli effort Tottenham at the weekend yep that is That easy because he is an absolute Handful he's going to score bags of Goals first my big think this week and I Did this on a show Um on the final word show is that what's Happening no we were doing fine it was a Big thing during the show yeah wow that Was an interesting thing yeah they were

Born No okay I had an idea of what I wanted To talk about and what I realized is That Liverpool's strategy in the Transfer market this is a big change From where what we were talking about Was was completely wrong right in terms Of what Liverpool did because here's Here's where it came from right and this Is where it came from in ideation why I Wanted to talk about this climbing to The top is different from staying to the Top yeah when you are sheltered by And you want to climb to the top you can Take a few chances here and there on Players Liverpool didn't sell enough Players to make their strategy Worthwhile over the last two years Because we're sell to buy we always have Been sell to buy whether you agree with It or you disagree with it we needed to Sell someone for 100 million like we did Continue yeah to be able to reinvest That into the side we have not Recuperated anywhere near enough money For the level of players we needed to Stay at the top of football yeah so you Need to unfortunately fans would have Hate is it we needed to sell salad for 150 million on money a year earlier for 150 we sell this two years ago Pre-covered the plan was quite clearly To sell Mo Salah for 150 million years Win the league Salvo Charlotte Get

Ridiculous money for them and it was Mentioned a few people have thought About this this week a couple of good Related journalists and you're right Covered no one likes to talk about the Covert impact anymore because Liverpool Came out financially after you can quite Good condition because of how they Managed it but what it did damage it Down is the best as the smartest sellers You know that we've been in our in the History of being Liverpool but also Amongst the smartest Styles in football The market The top Market bracket have evaporated And leave 10 to 20 million Market Evaporator two so all of a sudden we Were keeping Harry Wilson for another Extra season no one took divakariki for So much typically he was a 20 million Pound point of yourself to buy you can't Let one album go on a free yeah you Can't let Divine you're going to free You can't let these Lads go on freeze if You sell to buy it's what Liverpool have Always been it felt like there was no Team there's enough money to rip off Like we would like it it you're right in A way is that the policy that will pull The transfer policy was All Odds with What was above them so if if they knew They had no money again there's like They should have money because there Should be more but that's where we are

The owners of this other that's the way That they're probably going to be run up To this point anyway they might change That yet but they haven't shown any Willingness and they probably need to But they haven't maybe this this could Be a kick up the ass world and we don't Know but you're right is that What we've been left you mentioned this It was perfect before the squad there's No one in the middle because we missed Two years of the signs because Everyone's either too old or Too Young There's very they'll analyze it was Unfortunately it was in his prime years It's not because you can't get on the Pitch it's Alex on the page after Minutes for being here he looks like He's been space jammed in someone else's In his body you are right in that it's All just it none of it usually for the Club like it's such joined up thinking Yeah it looks like we found ourselves in A yeah yeah yeah just screaming all the Joined up thinking is now turned into [ __ ] scribble on a paper because we Haven't we haven't boxed it so yeah Again and the and the Easter blame each Part is to blame the ownership or Everything what he's been left with is a Very unbalanced Squad and that can Explain some of the inconsistencies when Liverpool's first team on the pitch We'll be fine yeah we absolutely what I

Thought was really encouraging actually In the game and it's that it was the Latest substitutions the young young Kids exactly and and it's it's that they Were a Liverpool have have clearly Missed the step and I don't think it's The biggest step isn't necessarily being Sold because we've clearly we have got Players in that age bracket they don't We haven't bought in Midfield which is Clearly where we need them but they Clearly identify we need we need more Youth and we need to refresh and we've Done that we've refreshed two of the Front three in in the last 12 months Less than 10 months we've we've done the Same for the back four And obviously and then through Progression through the academy we've Managed to do it in the goal in the Goalkeeper area in a couple of the slots In the squad but when you see canate in That team and when you see Diaz running Around when you see Nunez running around When you see jotter running around when You see even like Shima Cass being able To come in and like I thought he was Brilliant last night by the way I think That might be my favorite supercast Performance because he wasn't quite the Headless Chicken that he has been when He you know he's trying to win mad Headers 50 yards out of position but he Was fighting for stuff anyway by the by

If you Blended his qualities with Robbers you would have the best fallback That's ever lived yeah yeah genuinely Because for me One half half yeah half a man yeah yeah One pigtail I like that I I reckon Here's I said this on the fan away two Before his delivery from a corner is the Best in the league It's one of the best I've ever seen Actually because it's in the same spot Every [ __ ] time I'm Virgil or Nunez Both went to that but for that first one Because they knew exactly where the ball Was going it's kind of eight yards out Just left us left five Angels there and Winning Heathers everything he knows Where the ball is there's no change in The Run of changing your run to react to The ball it's I'm gonna arrive at that Spot if I arrive at the right time I Know the ball's going to be there yeah But he is nowhere near as Insightful in the final third as Rob I Wish yeah and we just saw robo's best Game and then we've we've just followed Up with shimakash's best game this Season as well which is great which Shows you what you can have when you've Got two players fighting for the Position which is what we don't have Everywhere else in the squad and that's Where again they're just a couple I Wanna I wanna talk about

Um Calvin Ramsey briefly greatest scene On the pitch you know and the the Tiniest of tiny cameos but one little a Couple of little moments when he just Takes a man on and comes away with the Ball obviously got told by Yang just go And go and show people a little bit of What you can do no idea how good he's Gonna be or what he's going to be I was Quite surprised how tall he is to be Honest which and and he looks quick as Well which I think is is a positive Thing but first chest the ball out for a Corner for them and I was like that's [ __ ] brilliant that sound I'm here All day for you not trying to throw a Super back pass to the keeper and he Slips over and they score I mean if You're just nopping the ball out of play It's the first thing the canadi did on The night as well because he just Knocked the ball out of play and went Right that's just regroup I love the Ebola fantastic he I think his passion Was a bit wild to start with but again He's not pleased the one where he kicks It like a [ __ ] cannonball at most Charlotte's heads the one that Gomez Were playing the other day I don't know I think there's nothing wrong with that If Moe's good they're not feel control I think what you have to have trust in The players you're playing with I think better when he starts to dribble

On it than passing it for you I also Think you can go back to like the pool Of more solid and confidence it must be Dead easy when you know the love behind It is an honest thinker because for the Last few weeks and I I include verge of Unliking this everyone I had the Olympians thinking our Center back is Having a bit of a wobble here yeah I Mean that that it doesn't it because Like Van Dyke husband he's been just When he's he's been the opposite of Either he's been two yards away from Everything standing still canate wasn't There Gomez has been up really up and Down he's had a real struggle I think Just getting those two back solid two Sense of really playing well with each Other It was it was a was the build and Blocked rates what was what was a good Performance yeah I mean again let's Think he's got the highs he's got the Power everything he's got the pace he's Brilliant he's absolutely brilliant but What I was what I just liked is but Toward the back end of the game and it's Still it's it's too early for because I Haven't Badger titch and Harvey Elliott And carvalio and Jones to for them to For them to all be starting games for Football for some Ramsay a full back in Canada because all of a sudden people Complain about our average age

The orders and that's like a that's a Young team we've got we've got out there And it is too young for some of them but When you saw the Vibrance and you saw The willingness like Javier coming on For familiar in that formation I was a Little worried because of how much dirty Where Miller was doing for us and Elliot Added all the all the determination all The fighting all the run all the kicking But added a bit more I'm gonna carry This ball 10 15 yards and slalom pass Someone and play it play a forward pass And when he started to link up that Little bit of link up where I think it's Ramsay plays it back and then get out oh Sorry it comes over the top and Elliot Takes it off salah's toe plays a little Give and go then he plays a little one Two with with carvalio and then Sal I Guess play through and stuff and you're Like that that's it gave me real hope And encouragement that we are if we want To be a team wants to be a team that was Going to put down 95 points and Challenge on all four fronts then look We [ __ ] it by not buying some a couple More ready-made footballers to drop into The team but we're clearly capable of Winning one-off games of football which Bodes well for the cups and it says to Me that I don't even if we were to have A bad season domestically by our Standards I don't see how we're not back

To we're not a much better team next Season we're absolutely right and Arsenal is a classic example of this Because everybody last season was going Look they've got the young players to be Able to win games of footy it's when in A two years time everyone must say Myself included in a couple of years Time they'll be able to put that Consistently together look now Arsenal Are actually what Liverpool probably Need to be next season you know we we Can showcase that Darwin Nunez and Salah In the last couple of games as linked I've Linked UP really really well you Know when you throw a third body oh God That [ __ ] knockoff Randy Orton did Unbelievably well to get rid of that Ball I've no idea how he doesn't score a Freaking home goal he's the same fellow New RKO into our net wasn't it off that Free kick but when they play well Together For me you know when Salah didn't become The front three overnight it takes time Carvalho Elliot these Lads have all got Something in a year's time they're going To be absolutely superb because I have No doubt about it Um one last thing I want to talk about Because again I just I'm at the point Where I kind of find it hilarious is the Case Jones stuff he touched on it for Before Chris

Um I'm not going to sit here and say That Curtis Jones is an absolute world Even footballer but I'm also like I have seen a lot of really like Makes me quite uncomfortable it's like If he wasn't Scouts XYZ and there are People who are like he's not good enough I unequivocally prepared to say that a 21 year old lads who as it was getting Game time in a you know haven't come Through the academy by the way you know And getting games I'm in big games of Football for Liverpool is is definitely Not good enough like people happy to go Now he's obviously he's [ __ ] or he's Rubbish I that is third appearance of The season right he has that very little Cameo yeah um before for us he plays the Full 90 at Forest and then I think this Is I think this is the third appearance I think I might on that if anyone knows Please feel free to shout in the Comments but That was the best performance of the lot By a by an absolute mile I was really Pleased with them and I couldn't even See after what he did in the first half Until I watched the highlights back and Like if he's he definitely lacks that Killer Instinct to be in the front three He's not jotter and he's not Diaz he's Not like born to score goals because the One that Salah plays him through he's Like a yard Safe in His positioning and

He's not in motion before the ball gets Played he runs after Salah actually and In addition to download overplay Overplays it when it comes barely Tantalizingly close to scoring that he Has a decent head there when you get Great movement to get himself into that Position then he's all around it's hold To play a couple of times where he gets Caught it holds on a little bit too long I'm sorry but nobody criticizes Thiago Or any of our other players for doing That and they all do that every game as Well by the way I was just On on that one chance where Salah plays Him through I think Kate Jones wanted it Inside on his right foot and I think Salah plays the complete wrong pass and Overheads the past three dollars play Because he's left it such that he can Play it in and I'm going to hit it right Footed first time I'll take a touch in It first time but he sends him off to His left foot okay Jones ain't gonna Want it on his left foot three yards From goal on a mad angle he's not Mo Chalet he can't do those types of things But that ball from him to Saleh where Sal is just offside that's a brilliant Ball like there's so much that what Jones did and I said earlier on in the Show Diaz is the reason that we win Playing four three three Jones was the Reason we were able to play four three

Three last night because he pressed he Understands how to play that left-hand Side role all right no look maybe he did Have 80 past completion I don't care What I care about is what he's doing With the football in in a good sense and When he's playing well he's really Really good and he defends really hard And right now he's not a whale beater Right now he might just be a premier League squad player but there's loads of Scousers who've come through the academy That never made it to Premier League Squad player Paul is well no absolutely Absolutely we did the big we did it on We talked about him on debate show this Week on on plus and it was really good Like what an expertise Jones and my Point was exactly that today I said you Know yeah yes you you know Trent and Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen and Stephen Gerrard but we're truly great Sides great don't just create Stars they Create Squad players man united with as Much of a success for their dad and Fletchers and John O'Shea's and the Neville Brothers then they were Nikki Butts that they were four poor skulls And David Beckham's you know and now Marcus rashford and what I've yeah being Able to create a lad who could if he's All I'm all I won't care to be I wanted To be more but I I would be delighted if He's just able to come in and and hold

His own and sentiments and if you can Hold his own on the left-hand side even Better you can play both both eights He's 21. he's played three positions for Us that's his issue is that he is a left Sided player but he's not he's not a Liverpool left side of the player Because you know the patience doesn't go Enough goals what what we expect from Our leftover three we expect 20 percent Of forward We expect Louis Diaz to score 20 goals Always Okay that's where K is going to play My My Good Feeling if you ask me hand on Heart is I don't think he's going to be A liberal player long term but I think He'll be a premier league player and He'll probably be you know someone who Plays between 8th and 15th and he'll do Well for them if I I don't know maybe You know just a decent side that's what My that's where I think he is at now but He's got room to change that of course Yeah that's the point he's at that level Now yeah and he might never kick on Beyond that but my point on this is that People that it seems to be like because I get I get that and that's usually Quite a prevalent attitude but like if You're good enough to play at the top End of the championship and you're good Enough to play for you know a middle of The road Premier League team you're more

Than good enough to be a squad player For Liverpool [Music] What what happened the fortune I think I'm saying it's one people I agree I saw That he wouldn't be playing the Disco I Don't think jagan Cooper really gives a [ __ ] with you skulls literally bought Fabio car value yeah we have this all Along it's like the Jordan Henderson [ __ ] argument something oh he's not Good enough it's like mate we put yeah You can call the manager has been buying Footballers in of his own choice he's Rubber stamped these deals for these Ladies training them he's chosen these And he's choosing to play a lot to come Who's been there before or or have come Through that's not by an accident that's Because he genuinely thinks these Lads Are good enough but if I was building a Squad right and I'm looking at a player Who is borderline first team error he's Not far away from the first team ketones That's where I think he is right now I'd much rather have K Jones than than Somebody else who's gonna leave in a Couple of years Nico Williams for Example because he leaves Liverpool Football Club and he he'd rather play at Liverpool as a bit part play it over the Next 10 years then go and play for 8th To 15th in the Premier League he would Jimmy Carter

Why would you join Forum exactly some Players will join foreign Hits his prime yeah so like we're taught And this is what we always forget as Fans we forget the players can improve He's not the player that he was when he Was 17 he's not the player that he's won Was when he was 20. he's 21 he's had Some bad injuries and he needs to kick On from here I think we all recognize You think it's familiarity breed content Because he's been he's been known for so Long he was he coming at such a young Age and obviously the goal that he Scores Like five it's just easy The day when he was like he went on Auntie Jones Tyrese and he wins he's 24 Years old and I was like he's 21 years Old oh he's 22 in January but that's Still entering the bracket up you're Entering towards we're back we're buying Lads at age 22 23 and knowing that it's Going to take them a year to get up to Speed in the in the sad you know Downwind as we realistically we've been 23 we've bought him a year two alieners Development which is why we've got this Raw as [ __ ] player albeit a really Stupid exciting one but that's the thing With him he's only just starting to come Into His truly useful years he's this He's not he's not learning and and it's It's familiarity content we use them far

More than we should ever have done During the covert season I think he Played with 34 opinions as far as that Season and he I get this that's about I Did this under the way too I think he Got something like five goals and four Assists which is a really solid return From a Liverpool midfielder Um and I think maybe the people expected That to be his base level which has been Hampered by a couple of Daft injuries Since then and also now you've got Harvey Elliott and Carvalho who were two Or three years younger and they're the Gems did a bit newer and they're a bit Shinier and then a little bit more Exciting in their own way and now people Feel like yeah because they feel like Ennis Jones is in his mid-20s and hasn't Kicked on you know when but I'm seeing People tweet all over the place like are Ollie does just pass backwards I'm like The little chipped one over the top in The second half and it's like an inch Away from so I'm just getting a little Toe and putting it past the goalkeeper Or whatever he's more than capable of it It's I don't and again it's this is like It feels a little bit like my invisible FSG defense I just don't I just don't See it as as much of an issue not Everything has to be brilliant or shite Sometimes things can just be fine you Know it's another thing can be except it

Can be acceptable I don't need to go Over I think we need to over leg how Brilliant Curtis Jones is but I do think For 21 years old I think he is a very Very very good football The song I was like a double I saw off Okay this Jones the reason he's playing So much is the sign players the issue he Gets it because again he's not only is Just too high up in the squad and Joe I Think Jordan Henderson gets this too Next like Jesus I guess is the fact is Everyone I think we don't know liberal Starters really Thiago nailed on it Should be for being you know but again Four wise they say to otherwise and I Think everybody else from that there Onwards is one place too high because in Theory the third spot you'll be a new Guy like an absolute baller and everyone Else should follow suit but everyone's One place too high it doesn't help when Two of those Lads Oxley chamber and Abiques that can't be on the pitch so if Case Jones is midfielder number eight Where you go you know what what else are We gonna do when he's Midfield number Four you're thinking oh that that isn't His fault well if Libya would have done Him a favor If it was for being or Thiago and Too many Duke Bellingham whoever this Midfielder was going to be Lyman whoever It was and then you look down and you go

Well who's next up oh it's a it's a Fitness all right and then it's Jordan And then it's Milner and then it's Chamber and then it's Jones you're Thinking at that point and then it's Elliot everyone's like Javier Ellie Shouldn't be playing that many he's Played way too much yeah you start every Game almost that everyone's wants to Hike it goes back to the summer but yeah Everyone's quick to criticize the owners And everyone else for the for the Transfer stuff and they should at times I agree with that I think that you Should have done it but then you don't You can't you can't then say well you Should sign someone oh by the way cater Jones he's like well it's not his fault He's in that Gap that you also you Needed filling does that mean does that Make sense well I said again I go back To 1920 2021 surely the covert season Two years Boys Won their fourth league title Billy little scores see So much 34. Four goals five assists nine 1921 minutes of football for us that Season he gets um a goal onto a system Five Champions League appearances in That as well at night so two years ago She's like a 19 year old kid if we were

Buying that they're everyone now right Now is looking at those Lads around you Or I'm saying why aren't we buying this Like why aren't we buying this lad you'd Be back you'd be all over buying that Lag based on on what we saw from him in In that season and then if that lad then Had some of the wild mad injuries like They had mad eye injury that he had in The middle last season and the shin Spins thing that he's had at the start Of this season growing stuff probably Exactly you wouldn't be right enough That you wouldn't be saying this like [ __ ] and he's got no words you'd be Prepared to give him a bit more time so I agree there's just something there is Also this really weird small faction Online and I thought I've never Obviously don't meet them in real life Because they wouldn't dare it just seems To not likes I don't know like not like Scousers or or be more critical to old Scousers and maybe it's a maybe it's a a Snapback from feeling that scousers are More You know more favorable towards castles Which we all should be by the way we Should all be pushing we did this on the Podcast last week um when Alfie made the Point of so we wanted 11 scousers and he Went well actually I'm happy for Harvey Elliot because he represents the South London Liverpool fans okay cool we were

A team for Liverpool fans we wanted to Eat full of people who loved the club as Much as we do so we should be desperate For Curtis Jones to be a success I've Got three I wouldn't have done three Tweets in the last 12 hours one of it I Was really pleased with kids this really Good game came through her top talent And and then the amount of weirdos you Came out you just were desperate to jump On is my negative opinion about Curtis Jones so then I quote reason to say a Lot of people out on themselves are Needing a bit more love in their life And then they came and more it filtered Down but some people would were Desperate to get that opinion again and Then exactly and then I've put a third Quote and they're still coming and There's still like what and I'm Filtering them out but those people who Go are so desperate and it starts to Look desperate it's like you it's it Starts to smell off I don't want him to Be successful and when you get into that Point that's that's your issue nothing To do with character's ability or Liverpool's recruitments or anything He's a Liverpool player why don't we Just enjoy the fact that we've got Another local level I just don't know Why you can have a definitive opinion Yeah you can have your ideas my my idea Based on I think he'll go elsewhere is

Because I think he's a good footballer He has nothing he shoots was his game Isn't the post game they're two Completely different things you say that But actually cyber I'm just put a really Interesting thing now there's not enough Minutes for a true comparison on this I Don't know if anyone saw but does it What's the question I'll bring it up on Screen if we got the laptop Joe No never mind um One of them where what's that what's That grab what's that graph called a Spider guy it's a diagram something like That but in terms of genie versus Curtis Jones and cares basically It's very Genie right now everybody Test tells me about to be like at each Position I I was wondering if I was Watching the BT coverage obviously Michael Owen was on it which and Steve Of mine was renting they've seen them Because they've been working at the Academy he's the left side of the soccer We've tried to convert him into a center Mid and just because it worked for Genie Wildom I don't think it's working for Cases that again I I absorb him a little Bit of the Forest game because that was Mental he got he comes in on the day of The moral of the game because the best Point because the best players That doesn't that's different but like I I don't think his game translates into

Being turned into something he's not I Don't think he translated to go forever Back if he's going to play anywhere in The Midfield he'll be the left-hand side Of the three stars this he might fall Into you're right he might fall into the Engine clearly trap yeah Left and a four two three one then left In a four three three but I I like him In Midfield I I think he's cool I think He's got both sides of the Midfield he's Just suffering from the fact that we Well we bought Thiago Who's generationally [ __ ] that's a Suffering of that's because that's the Level that's the point that's the yeah That's your level I think you should go That's right I think it's good but I Don't think he's really cool good enough Yet can he can he get it maybe hey I Don't think we have the chance because Ty Santiago he's not playing much and The thiago's not going to play is it Going to be someone else what's he gonna Do I think when the forwards are all Back he might go back to four two three One but I find the battle that I'm with You because I got the Tweet just the He's a championship player well he's not That's a complete I got someone to Message me like he wouldn't even get on Like he wouldn't even go on the bench For like 15 for a million clubs yeah Yeah that's that that's all hyperbole

The truth is always as it often is and You probably it's like it's somewhere in The middle it's probably at the moment He's a decent enough Squad option he's More than cave there's not a game of Football that you couldn't drop him into A Liverpool 11-4 and I'm not saying to Be the main man or be the be it be a Star at 21 years old if you're good Enough to come into a game with any Gamer 40 then you're good enough you Know you're more than good enough to Beat Liverpool look he's uh clearly Better in the left-wing position for me At the moment because he understands That role because he's played that role All of his life He has all the attributes to play Center Midfield how he impacts games is whether He'll become a midfielder or not because He doesn't have an attacking impact on The game when he plays in Midfield he Keeps it a little bit safe which is Something that one album was accused of A lot is it by Design or is it by or is It by him not being able to impact the Game I don't know I always felt when Ryan Adam went to Holland you could see He had all the flare in the Wales but When he played for Liverpool he was Asked to do a job for the team Kate Jones may just have to do that now the Problem is you replace him on most Attacking crowd creative outlet from the

Midfield position so it's not apples for Apples here he needs someone to play Harvey Elliott on the right with him on The left and Elliot be the creative Force to see how good the midfielder he Can be but right now he can't translate How he attacks from the left and how he Attacks in the middle he just can't do It and again what a 21 years old he's Got experience he's played in the Champions League he's won trophies with Liverpool he's played in big case of Football he's actually had telling him Packs in big games of football with gold Big goals or assists in different Competitions as well and I'm not Suggesting that when I use this as an Example but there's load there's just Loads of footballers you don't you don't Know what they are until the 23 24 25 You know there's a point there was a Point and people forget this like the Gareth Bale was just a very very average Albeit fast left back I'm telling Tomorrow until it wasn't until one day Just a door click for I don't Necessarily say that's gonna happen to Curtis Jones of course but you know There's a point where he hadn't won a Game at left back for spares or whatever You know they couldn't they couldn't win When they had Gareth Bale in the team And then he ends up being one of the Greatest players on them

Now I guarantee you a Premier League Team will buy him yeah so he's a premier League player so anyone who's tweeting Me saying it's a championship league one Player 1200 [ __ ] Aston Villa wants them In the summer and again maybe stevenage Doesn't know what the three is doing he May be his last one is this a Scouts Thing but like it will go to a Premier League team he's of that level at West He's probably like Nicole Williams's Level He's exactly what yeah again once in a Squad player as well because he can play Multiple positions versatile happy to And and and begrudgingly acceptance of His role I don't think he likes beers I Think he thinks he should be playing but He gets on with it that's what he is This is he's got to improve and he's got To take opportunities when they arrive Like every [ __ ] young player that Ever broken into his eyes Liverpool's Biggest problem Liverpool's biggest Problem is because Jones is part of the Squad like that he's just he's become The lightning rod because Trent was the Light in the world for a while yeah Einstein's got a little bit better and Gomez was the right lightning rod and he Got dropped All this being said let's not play him In a two man Midfield no no no no no no No no that's that's what I'm saying I

Just don't see any fits that's that's The only issue with God I think he's a Good footballer I don't know if it's for Us yeah but if he can if he can learn to Be an adequate fill in at left wing at Times and on the left mid at times where You know for a fact One he's not the amount of winning in The game but he's the man who just Weeping around your eyes out for the Last month about how we let David go Because of like you know having that Depth and like there's a ladder yeah You're right you know when you're Picking your best 11 for Man City at the FDR he's probably not in it but he's Nice not in it is he but if you want to Win competitions and all kinds of funds You need hungry talented footballers and He's got that and he's got like okay He's Pacey and his skillful he's captain Of my Darby you know the Derby County Team because the team I want to put out In that he's he's Captain for me I'm Sorry to Harbor the point like but he's Not good enough for us to play on the Left wing at the moment in this version Of Kate Jones he's just doesn't score The goals I think Steve said it earlier On but if he could have that impact from The center of the park that he had from The left he'd be very much a good option In Midfield I see that I see his ica's Future as a left-sided Midfield player

For Liverpool in the Nate only but with The option of I'll go out on the race if You [ __ ] need me I'll go out on the Left if you [ __ ] need me so you might Not make it to be a first team and right Now he's not showing the qualities of Being a Liverpool first team everybody Liverpool just needs to go and buy Someone [ __ ] amazing and then we Don't have to worry about who the other Lads are we can just get we can just be Made up to there's another Scout slide Who's good enough to play it being a Liverpool squads which is what we should All be made we should be delighted Absolutely delighted with that and again Short memories I've gone through years Of Jordan rosters and John Welch's and Jay spearings and all these other lads Who were all sound technically getting Cameron Browning and technically gifted Footballers they lack the physical Attributes to really be to really be Capable of them yeah and this is the Best Liverpool side of all that any of Those were ever in and he's actually is Holding his own and that is a very very Good thing anyway right sounds um Basically what you're saying is if we Decides you Bellingham Also if Case cuts his hair like a crew Cut probably people would like him or Maybe I don't know it just it just yeah It's just one of those the people that

People are just people need people's Passionate needs to have a footballer to Hate on I find apps misery loves company I just find it baffling I just I Genuinely you can have your favorites And the other people you like less but To to just hold on to such a strong Negative opinion over the lads who is Going to go out there and give Everything he can to try and make you Happy like that is that's what has Existing are we talking about my Hancock Here going on I'm a celebrity I'm not Sure podcast lecture um right uh Sponsorship time who knows wins Um we're gonna be going through Um this week's picks there is a win Brazilians and pounds I didn't sport Last week's results stay tied 51st 21st State winning a 50 first thing winning a Huge seven pounds 46. okay [ __ ] to getting seven out of Ten me and Chris what would that be in 1920. every 25 Shillings [Laughter] We've got 10 out of 10. wow five uh A thousand pounds wow absolutely Incredible Yeah there we go absolutely amazing that Just well done well done indeed Um the Leeds game day pot Um Stay shine again with five out of ten my Shiny Chris

I got one out of 10. Yeah I can't even you know I wonder if I Can find what that was it was a shocking I bet he got the freaking Liverpool Leads it's all right yeah well known to Himself already this week a couple of Times okay I thought I am the only one I Got right was leads to have over 3.5 Cards I guess Liverpool to win I got Both teams to score no I thought we were I thought we were just gonna win it one Nil I'll be honest over 2.5 goals like I Said no I said Liverpool were gonna be Winning the first half incorrect Liverpool over 7.5 Corners I said no uh Liverpool over 1.5 cards I said yes that Was incorrect Um leads over super [ __ ] no and Darwin didn't score anytime I said yes Paul and the answer was no Paul I cannot Believe you did you went for Liverpool To be winning first half right yeah That should have been your one yeah Idiot never mind it was all she had to What well nobody was to be honest with The two out of ten It wasn't like it was [Music] Two leagues covered this weekend that Involved the Reds the Sunday pick 10 League which is a 5K pot and the Liverpool versus Tottenham 2K game day Um that's got a whole loads of things Which one do we just which ones we

Focusing should we do Liverpool spares Okay this is mine so this is let's see What pcp's gone for let's see so he's Got Liverpool Yeah so you think Liverpool are going to Win yeah both teams are going to score So therefore there's obviously going to Be over 2.5 goals yeah work that one out Myself the other week yeah I got that One wrong didn't I yeah um first half Draw okay I'm thinking one all yeah it works out Spares will have over four and a half Corners they'll have over one and a half Cards the Reds will have over one and a Half cards and four and a half corners And big Darwin Nunes to score it sounds Right that doesn't look like A good game there if you get that and Then should I go and have a little very Look look at the quick tense sorry the Pig tense A quick pick for Sunday's Pick 10 they Go Chelsea yeah yeah I've gone for that Okay you've got Rangers to be St Johnson United to be Villa Newcastle to be Southampton West Ham to be Palace a draw Between socialism Oh God I think it's gonna be a draw Because I don't know who's higher up on The table when you've scouted social Dance yeah it's been weeks and weeks of Scouting them the Reds to be spares like You just said you've got Roma winning

The Derby against Lazio and a draw of Euve and international and then Marcia To beat Leon yeah so if you if you're European 14 knowledge is good this this Week you've got a very good chance and Who knows wins because there's lots of Air lots of foreign games and like I say You're playing against iOS Uh sorry can we just can we just butter Idiots I know you were in here for my Spectacular win which now is quite a Long way ago but it's only the thought It was only The Forest game when I I Come top of the on top of the piles You didn't have to know if so should Have a vegetables was that Liverpool Forest yeah how did you European Football knowledge help you with that One no no but you said idiots As Paul you're like Scouts as well There in the order price yeah yeah oh so Yeah you're right my pick tens have not Been great so far this season to be Perfect honest but yeah if you can if You're watching on YouTube you can scan The QR codes or you can go to redmen dot Who knowswinds.com get involved um They're paid leaks so make sure that you Are you are over 18 and please be gamble Away don't get involved if you've got Any issues with these kind of things but Without as you can tell we're having Quite a good laugh Um quite a good laugh with this I'd be

Interested to know how the mornings have Gone with everyone so far because it's Good to see you finally getting in the Money on something listen yeah what I Would say is that right I mean Dan Getting you in the money that doesn't That's that's illegal you can't say that Um what I would say is that I'm I didn't Want to peek too early So I'm getting to the world I am I am the epitome of the red yeah Sometimes maybe good sometimes maybe [ __ ] yeah I want one of them five and a Half Grand pots like Penny cop I want to Win one of them bad boys but that's just To the point it's clearly possible I Think that's I think yeah I think that's In the Gambling License yeah if you Couldn't win it you called me Who knowswinds.com or scan the QR codes You can obviously download the app but If you go through the web address Yeah it makes us look look better so do It that way if you if you'll be I mean It's D I'm probably need all the help we Can get with making us look better 100 Um right three games now till the Break Um how are we feeling it does everything Just feels more capable when we Liverpool show them I'm not really ready For a midweek loss to Derby But I'm here for a win against Tottenham Yeah I think we're going to win against Tottenham I think we're going to win

Against Derby and I think we're going to Win against Southampton if I'm honest With you I think I think we go four wins On the bounce to head into the break And we we walk in there a bit like Vince McMahon yeah like this is it there's Nothing we can do here it's the best Reference at the moment yeah nothing we Can do here at the moment Google off Into his mind's been up to recently Nothing we can do here at the minute the Altar is gate when you walk down the Ring 20 years go and assure it no that's Fine no probably yeah There's a reason why he was walking that Way podcast extra yeah Um Just just don't worry about it the end There's there's only two games in the League between now and then as you Mentioned Tottenham and and Southampton But to the point the six points to play For even if we win all them it's not Gonna make the league table look look Brilliant for us but it is a lot about It's a bit like I think like the Napoli Game in and of itself stay we didn't Finish top of the group so we've still Got the more difficult draw Um larger on Monday by the way on the on The YouTube channel and Mr Champions League oh the Champions League oh God Yeah yeah you are Mr Champion but when I'm kind of driving out with these four

Games now is it's an opportunity to go Into that break Feeling better if you don't look at the Lead table you're going to look worse And it's not necessarily going to set us Up brilliantly for when we come back but Just going into that break without that Sense of impending disaster is kind of What we're playing for yeah also like And I made this point yesterday actually On the shoulders goes on like what Liberal did but with this Champion he Goes they met the season isn't it's no Little merge the earliest because you've Got two games to play Um get into the league cup will help Again keep things alive can I ask in the League Cup starting If we win this we come back like the Week leading up to Christmas so it's the Week of the 19th is the next round they Play the game like just just before Christmas I think it's the weekend so Yeah literally the words I just said Um the week of the 19th midweek of the 19th yeah yeah so the local fantasy 18th Isn't it yeah so it's the week of the 19th state is that what we're saying Which is a midweek yeah anyway and Paul You're saying it's the yeah I've Got a Feeling Lance that between The three of us we've deduced and it's The week of the night we're just Starting a minute of your lives there

Move on we play box and we will at the Moment boxing day we'll come back What I'm trying to ask is we've had this We've been in this situation before Where you we've kind of gone off [ __ ] The League Cup because how it impacts And as an organ impact it's a stupid Game in a stupid place How do you feel about it I think getting Through could be good because you could Have a little warm-up before you play Villa on boxing day so if you get Through against Derby you might not play A really strong team whoever the next Drawers but you might say there's Someone about you might say to moshallah Who's had a month off 20 half an hour in This one just to get you you know get Some behind the tires kind of thing so Yeah I think that's it it is what it is Your player Young team he will do uh Although I do think yeah could go Stronger than he might want to because Again if anyone's not playing against Southampton you might as well play them Against that because what else to do Yeah Um You cut we can't get ourselves back Different but I still think as it stands Really people can come to our four and If they win the two games against Southampton and Spares that's still the Case if they lose one and draw and don't

Win and win one they have borderline Um so you can play yourself out of it Basically these two games We're Not Gonna guarantee nothing but if they Don't win them then then we are a cup Team for the remainder of the season so It's it's more about it's much it's not So much about going into the World Cup On the onions into the break before wins On the spin it's more of what what when We come back what are we doing what are We what are we here for are we here with All our legs in the Champions League Basket we're potentially trying to win a Little domestic Cup on the way or are we Actually trying to salvage that fourth Place because if you don't beat Southampton and Spares probably or at Least get four points then then that's Gone I think that's gone so that's where We're at right now is that we're trying To there's these next three games decide What we're coming back to because we Know this is oh listen this is our job We can we people on the kit and yeah we Know We might just be all legs in the Champions League and we've we've had Seasons like that before where you're Like not even asked about anything else This is sorry with the greatest of Respect now you think we're not out with The top four race if we lose the next Two games I think we are 100

In the league we pulled 14 back on the Best team in the country last season Give or take giveaway these are not the Best teams in the world you know that We're talking about they could go Through a little mad patch where they Lose two or three games yeah but There'll be so many of them Chris yeah I understand not only where X all I'm Saying is I disagree with you Fundamentally that we can actually close The gap on those [ __ ] teams Above Us Open for an arguments I'm just saying That I disagree I think Liverpool have Got everything to play for I think it Would be stupid actually to go in the Champions League basket because you Can't do that winning breeds winning They won't say that yeah you do you Don't you don't this is a such a false [ __ ] notion and you know I'm not Saying you're saying this necessarily Stay and I opened that anyway Um is that you don't throw your eggs Into the Champions League basket until You get to like the quarters or the Semis we did this with the Europa League Where we were like well what's our best Chance of getting back into getting into The Champions League well we can go flat Out for two games a week and probably [ __ ] both but you know you make you make That decision down the line I agree I Was thinking sorry I was thinking of a

Fan's point of view emotionally you're Emotionally if Liverpool are battling For like seven for No One's Gonna have a Full however which is why I asked the League Cup question is because do we Care do you know the Liverpool care Enough about the league it's only about What what players are available in the Squad at what time do they need games or Don't they need games as far as I'm Concerned for The League Cup if there if There's lads who are back and they need Games be in the League Cup if they're Not [ __ ] though because remember the Quarterfinal against Leicester wasn't it I mean this last Billy committee and he Takes them all off at half time but like Jagen's in the same boat as you he will Play it'll be loud you need games all Lads you need and that'll be dependent And then you'll get to semi-final and Then you'll pick a strong team that's What he tends to do although even that You know he plays Kate Gordon the way Arsenal so you're Rising saying I always See the League Cup as a test live where You Squad never go in full strength on It but it is that thing of it's how Strong do we treat this like another Rotational game for Derby next week Where you just kind of If someone's not on his his face 15 for Southampton so we start 11 plus where You'd like us it's three three or four

First Subs the rest of them will play so I wouldn't be shocked if you see the Executor Chamberlain you know go home as My play because they're gonna need games At some point to all these guys you've Seen when the fixtures are so round four Is as religion the week commencing the 19th that's the week leading up I'm glad You qualified that once again yeah I Don't think we I don't think we'd cover That point round five is that we Commencing the 9th of January Semi-finals still two legs Pricks we Commenced in the 23rd and the 30th of January and the final is still the last Week in February it's [ __ ] no it's Almost sounds like they could have Started that competition a bit earlier Like they've just it's a competition That's spread over what two months Basically like it's the World Cup games It's weather for me I I think if if the If the games were carried on for another Couple of weeks it would be a team of Children but yeah I'll be next week but Because there's one more game play after That before the break he probably goes Stronger because why not you know I mean Like these Lads are not there's a lot of These lads who aren't going to be Playing any competitor football then for Six weeks so yeah you kind of you kind Of might as well anyway Um for example like for example if if

Rubble's starting against Southampton Then of course that's probably plays Against that rather than saying to Luke Chambers you could have been if it was In the middle of a busy too which we Kind of probably step on next week's Podcast my only kind of reside and Hope On this is that Marseille game looks Nuts and they've put a lot of energy Into that and they've got injuries Themselves In Sun in particular pens and core was It and no sure it was um Michelle's into Those isn't he just having to go through That word as we get you know we were at Home we played and it was a good game of Football kind of things came out quite Bright off the end of it so they had They've got the big heroes pay off and Wow what a moments of celebrating stuff But hopefully that's just something that Plays into our hands a little bit Because you're right that's the big one Southampton we can kind of we'll deal With Southampton in a week's time spares Is the big one if you can just put a Marker down by beating them if you're Playing for this for the crisis Club Hand in the crack you know there's Shine The lights over there And you could pick up like that Infection where you got the uh you can You can hand it off to another player by Touching them that's kind of what we're

Hoping to do with spares I think is like Here you go these are a bit [ __ ] in These are in a bit of [ __ ] and everyone Can kind of ignore the difficulty with Spares as I see it is they are the best Of the worst sides in that they are one Of those sides that will continue to Play counter-attacking they haven't Transitioned they've got no interest in Transitioning to a possession Bay Side But they're also the best at the Counter-attack and stuff and of course There's those problems big time so yeah When you come up against forest and Leeds it's one thing to lose but these Are actually another level so the Injuries is massive for us absolutely um Upper preview with Flav from the Fighting podcast our good mate from the Ball Street days as well is going to be Upon plus this week so make sure you Check that out hey I'm on Saturday Social with them as well which I'm Really looking forward to Um loads more content to keep you guys Occupied if you are here live with us Now and you're a subscribe to revamp Plus then hop right on over there uh Because we're going to be an extra and There'll be about 10 minutes or so Gap So if you want to sign up and get Involved with that then you can do in The Gap scan the code on the screen or Just head to redmondplus.com and sign up

As well uh yeah for those who don't know Extra is less football morals more Aggression more swear where the more Stories that we can't share with the Outside world and more of us call them Hunger words that we can't say on there On a public space before we go can we Just clarify um when the next round of The League Cup is One thing I actually can point out Um is that I'd like you to clarify in 1920 American if that's okay if you want To come and see us live we are doing a Live event uh it's November the 13th is That right now the 13th 4 till 8 P.M Exactly cows you think I knew it did Yeah I am shocked um He nearly did the freaking Oh my god Um tickets are only available to Redman Plus subscribers Exactly so if you sign up to Revampplus.com you're entitled to two Tickets to that live event so if you Want to come and join us pre-will cup Kickoff Um then yeah come one of a party and a Bevy and a sing song with us and Dave Jackson the ragamuffins it's going to be Absolutely amazing but yeah Um yeah head over there and we'll send You the details in your inbox as well Ted's pleasure uh what sure [Music]

It must be good Dave says guys any idea Why die I'm standing next tomorrow Emoji Yeah Apologies you've spoken about it no one Knows I don't think even Darwin knows to Be perfectly honest I think I genuinely Think he lost his T-shirt yeah probably Darwin where's your T-shirt I don't know Oh Darwin that's a gate you probably Give us that kid who had the autograph And fly girls I think he's a sucker Without any Um Thank you so much beautiful people as Are you all come and check out podcast Texture it's going to be good fun to see You there Hey what's happening everyone hope you Enjoyed that show if you did please do Give the video a like And subscribe to The channel as well if you want even More appeal content even in video or Podcast form do check out Redman Plus or Subscription Service tons and tons of Great little content both in video and Podcast forms check out you will love it