2022 Southern Presidents Cup Final – 6.19.22

By | June 19, 2022


[Music] I think it's beneficial uh it gave the The kids the chance the opportunity to Play against different teams around Across the country that we have never Met Playing against good teams make you get Better so the benefit is more than i Could even imagine i mean it was good Competition i was excited to see them Out there playing hard against them it's Just i feel so proud of them that it's So good and i just can't be more excited Oh it's crazy i mean i remember we Started the season and we were starting All the practices and i was like i mean We could go do this again and to be here And to actually have done it again is Completely surreal it's crazy [Music] Uh we really uh the club live on the South side of dallas Right and where we where we live is a Low income We don't have a practice field and stuff So we got to move from one practice fee To another pricey fee because i know Without practice if you are good you can Do it i have to test them hey come to Practice you can do that i'm tired no Don't give up they went through a lot of Stuff And i i looked at them and i told them That hey guys you have worked hard for

This and we are coming here we are not Just coming to come and go you have to Get where we want to go i think the team Was pretty nervous i think everyone Didn't want to go to penalties because Everyone was pretty tired i didn't want To go to pins either i was pretty tired I was pretty nervous I love these boys though they worked Hard and feels great i mean all this Work in the summer it was tiring it all Paid off here i think everyone's pretty Excited ready for For nationals hard work paid off boys [Music]