2022 Midwest Regional Championships: Semifinals

By | June 28, 2022

#ROADtoFL #WeAreYouthSoccer #USYS

[Music] So Great competition you know we might see These guys at national again uh so what Better opportunity to to kind of get Yourself ready for for next month in Orlando is playing some of the top teams In the region so it's about kind of Getting us back together getting back in Rhythm and what a perfect opportunity to Play these top teams here we went into The game feeling like it was going to be Very hard competition we knew that they Were a very good team they play Other teams that we usually play and They are usually the better of the team So we came into it knowing that they had Really good players and i mean they had Great forwards which we knew coming into The game as well [Music] Today we played another team from kansas We're rivals And we beat them i feel great it's great Competition because we worked hard all Year for this moment I'm ready oh it's phenomenal great Facility good competition Three really hard games just to get There i mean at this point i told the Boys everybody's good and so for them to Have to show up and play hard every Single game and not take their foot off The gas you know it's really good for

Them it's been awesome just the usys has Come together and put on events like This and this didn't exist back in the Day and you look around you go now this Is soccer this is awesome to go at the Regional level and play in the final i Mean you only get to do that a few times Maybe in your career and so for them to Have that experience it's gonna be Awesome [Music] [Music] [Music] That's it