By | May 22, 2022

Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring this video! Fortnite Zero Build is here to stay. Check it out and play Fortnite now: #FortniteZeroBuild

To celebrate Fortnite Zero Build we set up a 120 PLAYER BATTLE ROYALE with the winner taking home the £1000 prize money!

Check it out!!!

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Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch

Yes guys what's happening welcome back To the channel this is fortnite football King of the ring and the winner gets 1000 Massive thank you to epic games for Sponsoring this video the battle has Changed no build battle royale arrives In fortnite with the launch of zero Build zero build is a pure test of Weapon item and traversal ability Zero build can be found in the discover Page as solo duos trios and squads Playlist access the discover page by Clicking on the change button above play In the lobby without building all Players have to recharge overshield as Your first line of defense in zero build And don't forget to sprint between cover On your way to a victory royale fortnite Zero build is here to stay so jump onto Fortnite and play zero build now two Three four five and a half That is the map complete now as you can See there's different zones here in the Map and what's going to happen is the Storm is going to come in after a minute Minute and a half depending on how many Balls get knocked out and it becomes Smaller and harder for the boys now i've Been speaking to them a lot of them are Nervous thousand pound cash prize There's a lot of steak some of them are Going singles duos trios and also in Squad now the problem with that is

Eventually you're gonna have to go up Against each other so that you might be Friends at the start but you won't be at The end only one person can win this Let's go Lads what's the strategy what's gonna Happen i'm gonna work together in the Final every man for himself Oh wait you it looks like he's Struggling he's asking for pictures He's gonna be on your team he's gonna be Switched on he felt ready clearly That's what you need [Music] I fancy you guys to get far into Competition oh we've got a bit of Rivalry already we got a bit of rivalry Not many of them are solos they're in Squads they're in duo's trios There's one guy over the back there look Solo he fancies it he fancies it he's Thinking nah man i'm riding solo on this Pass my unbreak that's mine call myself Down with that later The water balloons in here ready to go So we got micah and josiah they wanted To be the water balloon launchers with Me I need to know one thing are we going Soft on these guys This is why they wanted it So guys we're all set up and we are Ready to go three Two

One Let's go [Music] Okay and it's safer to start this is What they've done in the practice they Played it safe by going around And it worked till the next level when The storm came in they started to attack Look at it Hey where are you [Music] He gave it large and he got out straight Away first one out He said good support I don't like this Ready for the first one let's go Storm shrinking whistle devs [Music] Moving in [Music] Oh [Music] We're about to get serious now i'm Putting a defender in the guys are very Scared to attack at the moment they're Playing it safe let's go [Music] Okay [Music] [Music] Oh samantha's just got one straight in The head Watch me lads you're on my team They've got the option where they can

Split so they split the cash in half go Their separate ways they've both won or If one fan says winning the whole grand They can refuse to decline it go for the Final and win that one person will win The whole lot Hold on Louie Before you persuade each other what are You thinking are you thinking split You're thinking a bit Louie people pushing me Five pounds a lot of money You don't make that on the norm Videos Or go to the final okay if one of them Chooses to go to the final they both Have to go there that is the rules okay [Music] Do you know first What are you saying What are you saying About what are you thinking Oh [Applause] The winner remains in and gets the Thousand pound cash Handshakes you know the rules one Thousand pound at stake Guys don't forget to cheer who you want To win [Applause] So the two points are did louie start Too early and also two balls went kicked

Out at the same time what ball went out First we need to check this back Guys we've reviewed it the ball didn't Cross the line at the start but even so It don't cost a decision because louie Is still the [Music] What winner incredible final between Louis and zeno is unbelievable there can Only be one winner and that was louis You get the one thousand pound mate and You've said something to me that was so Nice a minute ago what was it so as you Know as my mate a great final i'll give You 400. 400 quick as you know Guys there was a massive var moment There who do you think should have won It let me know in the comment section Below And actually judge it so let us know Below hope you enjoyed this video we'll Catch you later