By | November 13, 2022

How many questions will Andreas Christensen be able to answer in just 90 seconds??


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The hardest opponent that you've ever Faced [Music] Do you have any pets In one word working on their chavias Coach is [Music] Hello colors and welcome to another 90 Seconds Challenge today we're joined by Andres Christensen so welcome to three We'll start 90 seconds try to answer as Many as possible okay don't think too Much about it okay yeah Three Three two one one Who is your favorite Danish football Player ever hey Michael favorite food How many languages do you speak Three which ones uh English understand German Um and Swedish we did there to skydive No if you weren't a Defender you'd be Striker best movie you've ever seen Uh Blood Diamond do you prefer the home Audio away Kid this year Uh home The hardest opponent that you've ever Faced Do you have any pets I don't know in one Word working under chavias coach is Favorite sports besides football NFL [Music] Apollo kiwi

Apple say three words in Spanish Best place to visit in Denmark Your favorite player will growing up Have you ever been in Barcelona before Now Your favorite Premier League Stadium Favorite singer or band Um Do you sleep with or without socks Without what ah time was up okay time Was up okay how many questions do you Think you've answered How many [Applause] It's it's I gotta say it's mid table What what happens on the beaches what Matters That was the 90 Second Challenge with Andreas Christensen if you enjoyed this Video want to see more like it don't Forget to hit the like button give this Video a like to subscribe to parsa's YouTube channel and to follow us on all Our social media accounts and that's it We'll see you soon [Music]