🚨 Real Madrid closes gap on Barcelona | LaLiga Insiders

By | November 11, 2022

The LaLiga Insiders crew discuss the current LaLiga standings prior to the World Cup break and what impact it has on Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

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What's going on guys welcome to another Edition of La Liga insiders the last one Before we go into the pause for some not So much a pause for others but the World Cup is right around the corner yeah I'm Christina Alexander here's the menu Of the day so y'all will stick around With us for a little bit Real Madrid Defeats at home Okay And Barcelona leaders of La Liga and a Little bit more on the way what's new With our insiders the big question of The day and of course some extra time And some questions around Luis Enriquez So let's get right to it so the reality Is that Barcelona will go into this World cup pause being leaders of La Liga Here with 37 points versus 35 which we See from Real Madrid and that painful Reality we could say for Carol angelotti And Company uh Rodrigo we know that you Told us a few weeks ago that the plan Was to maintain The Undefeated status Going into this pause for the World Cup What do you think about what the table Looks like now Well I think he's fair for Barcelona to Be the leaders of this Primera Division Of this La Liga because they've played a Little bit better in these past two Weeks and I think I have the sensation The feeling that Real Madrid didn't take It so serious in the past 15 days

Because Um you know when I was last night uh we Had this feeling talking to the fans and Supporters that Real Madrid players were Like more focused on not get injured Before the World Cup in Qatar 2020t Rather than play and and keep at the Same level than they were before the FIFA break at Real Madrid after saying That I think Barcelona did it right in The right way so that's why you know Real Madrid and if you sum up with some Injuries talking about benthema and some Players like this I mean they they Didn't do it well and that's why Ancelody is foggy's right after the World Cup to get back to that level in Which Real Madrid very worse playing Before that FIFA break which for me is Like the the key point of this La Liga Beginning for for the Blanco's because After that is not the same Real Madrid That we saw at the beginning of this Year so that's why they're all you know Now focused on the World Cup this is Something good for the players not that Good for Real Madrid in a very hard game In which they prove that there is no Easy rival in La Liga because made a Great effort and they were about to to Draw together draw against Real Madrid You know and I think Real Madrid in the First half they did it really well but In the second half they disappear a

Little bit and when they had the score And I'm talking about that chance that Moderate have uh you know they were About to to score that three nil and Then in the in the next play they were 2-1 after that failover and the rest of Defense so you know God bless Real Madrid the the World Cup is now because If not they will struggle a little bit Agree with this Gemma that they would Maybe struggle a little bit more if the World Cup wasn't coming up Yes I think they needed the break Because they started the season really Strong and with a lot of physicality it Almost looked like the the holidays the The summer break didn't happen they were At the very high level the way they they Ended last season winning the champions League and uh super cup and so I think At the end it was a two things one of The the fitness of the players and the The level I think it was decreasing a Little bit and I'm not sure if it's Motivational thinking too much on the World Cup or or both together made that This Real Madrid in the last couple of Weeks they were not that much reliable I Think they proved that they are not a Machine they are humans they make Mistakes they were missing Benzema so Much even though they have great Strikers they have Rodrigo but he's Doing it very well but he's not a number

Nine and he cannot play as well And in the defense I think I'm a little Bit surprised that they were in my Opinion more reliable last season that We were expecting probably a lower level Taking into account that the the two Center Defenders who were always Starting the previous season Ramos and Barang were gone last year it was a very Tough team in defense and this year with The addition of rudiger maybe they are Struggling a little bit I'm talking a Little and I don't think two points is a Big difference for Real Madrid yeah Everyone wants to be in living of course But it's just two points if you think on The Gola Branch it's only one point so It's not that much important for for Real Madrid that difference and I think It was important for them to to went Back to winning ways as they managed to Do in this tough complicated game Against kalis Benicius once again he was absolutely in Every battle in the field in the field And outside the field yeah and I agree With with what you're saying it's not Necessarily a time to sound the alarm For around Madrid right because just as Quickly as we saw the table change Barcelona being leaders and that Two-point difference now with Real Madrid it could certainly switch back There's a lot of Seasons still left

Let's check out what Karma had to say About this result it's good to stop now There's nothing else to do we've Suffered at the end a little bit but We've compiled and now re-rest we have 35 points in La Liga and we have missed The Ballon d'Or a lot of course Karim Benzema but has this been the root of Their problems really I don't know if that's the the top of The problems but I think is the key Problem because when you're talking About Ben 10 you're talking about a guy That is the silent leader of these Locker room first of all and secondly is The guy that on the pitch is the guy That creates that uh gold chances and is The guy who combines perfectly with Tony Cruz and with Modric I'm the guy who's Teaching Beneath You San Rodrigo how to Play it better I mean we're not talking Only about a guy who is the striker I'm The best striker in the world with Lewandowski for sure and mbappe we're Talking about a guy who is a number nine Who plays as a 10 to to understand Ourselves and I think that the kind of Player is unique in the world and even Engineering in Real Madrid because until It doesn't really have Um a replacement for brim for bantema Because he tried a lot of times to put Rodriguez a false number nine but Rodrigo can play in maybe in a 4-4-2 as

A second Striker he can play on the wing But he's not benthema he will never be Benfema he will be Rodrigo goes but Never Benzema because someone you need On football history so that's why they Missed the French guy a lot and I think That once he he move on uh from that uh Muscular fatigue that he's been Struggling of in this uh past two weeks I think he will be backing forth and he Will be back as you know stronger than Ever right after World Cup but now in This uh two three weeks they've missed Him a lot yeah and it's and it's really Complicated mentally to be able to split Your time between what your Club needs And what your national team needs now Right around the corner thinking of Those Fitness situations so it's worked Out for Barcelona at least in the last Few weeks too they now take the Leadership and they'll go into this World cup pause now uh being leaders and They'll come back this way Gemma how has Barcelona managed to get to this point When it seemed like they had had two a Couple of weeks that were really bad Yeah well they have done it very well Because they they go to the World Cup Being leaders and they will be leaders When they come back and this is Something that we were not really Expecting when they were defeated in El Clasico and they had that huge

Disappointment of the elimination from The champions league but they put Themselves together it's true that there Was a bit of lack in that leadership Because they managed to get three points In mestaya at the very last second and And the comeback in El sadariq was Impressive with one man down without Lewandowski that's why there was so much Euphoria in the locker room some people Have pretty criticized that why are you Celebrating you haven't won anything Well yeah this is a young local room With not so many wins in their box and And they managed to come back at uh Against us Asuna and they are happy and They want to celebrate it and it's the Last game before long period of uh World Cup or holidays everyone going through a Different destination so there is a Feeling of satisfaction in in Barcelona For the leadership that gives chubby and His staff more posts more calm to Prepare they come back from the World Cup and and they feel they they feel They have improved in the in the last Couple of weeks and and mentally they Proved to be strong because winning Points at the very last seconds is not Only a thing about life it's also about Mental strong being strong to to fight Until the very last second Yeah absolutely and any little Victory Is a huge victory for Barcelona

Especially after what they went through With Europe as you mentioned Gemma so Really how can Xavi stay in control of His shavi Neta of his buzz now thinking Of the World Cup pause He has to drive a little bit more Careful for me because if not maybe some Players will get injured again I mean we Remember Chris when we were talking About Barca about the the lack of luck That Barca had one month ago with those Uh injuries that they were suffering Enough and if Tabby wants to keep on Driving tavinetta he has to be a little Bit more careful and the players they Have to be more careful in the World Cup Because if not I think it's a you know Is a great test for for this squad to See how those players those International Players they come back After Qatar 2022 because Um you know we are talking about a Really young players like Gabby like Petri like Eddie Garcia like dembele and I don't really know how are they gonna Be fitting in the world cup and I don't Really know how will they come back to Barcelona uh physicality I don't I don't Really know it's something that you know Really Um is kind of strange for me because It's got It's like something new for for These players not only for the rest of The players that are gonna uh be

Competing at the World Cup in the middle Of this season but all for Barca players Something new because most of them is The first World Cup ever for them so I Don't know what they are going to expect And let's see what happened if for Example pedry repeats what he was uh Through I think it was like two years Ago one year and a half ago when he was Playing Euro in with Luis Enrique and Then he went to Japan to play for the Olympics and he was tired as hell so Maybe they can happen something similar Or maybe not let's see because I think It's a good test for for Tabby yeah It'll be so interesting and apparently 2022 is the year of trying new things of Course starting with a World Cup for the First time in November it's weird it's Cold outside but we have a World Cup Around the corner it's certainly won't Be cold as we expect in Qatari let's let's get to some Insider Information too because yeah Barcelona Got the win but we know someone saw red And that was Robert Lewandowski but uh Dima I had of of course what the World Cup means to Lewandowski how's he Feeling He's feeling happy he felt relieved in When he was inside the dressing room in El sadar and so on TV with Gerard Pique How his teammates managed to come back From from that one nil against Asuna and

He felt really really relieved we were Able to to speak to him when he was Receiving The Golden Shoe and he was Really happy relief and he explained us That he feels really happy here in Barcelona that he has on the correct Choice it's true that it was a huge Disappointment getting out of the Champions league but he he told me quite Interesting things I I must say I'm very Impressed about his Spanish he's able to Speak he's not talking that much in in Media but but he spoke publicly he spoke In in that ceremony and he did quite Well even though I can tell he was Nervous but it's only four months it's Impressive he's from Poland and he's Able to speak as Spanish pretty well So he said that he thinks for Barcelona It's true that is a lot of players going With the Spain a Barcelona player it's Seven that's a lot if Spain goes well Barcelona might be affected but he's Sure that for these young players this Pedry Gabby we didn't know that back Then but now on sufatio Eric Garcia it's Gonna give them a maturity addition that Can be better than the the tires that They will be when they they come back And um about the Spanish speaking he Said of course it helped him a lot those Summers in Mallorca he has a house there And he loves it there and uh he feels Happy and he for him it was important to

To go to to be able to finish the the Season it was a huge disappointment Being that seeing that red card he Explained us that that gesture was the Direct it meant to be for chubby there Was a confusion and he explained us that He thinks he learned from that from that Mistake and he will take it into account For this never happened again in playing In La Liga Yeah it's so so interesting to hear that From him as well and you know practicing Your Spanish although I I would happily Learn another language for such a Beautiful place like like Mallorca as Well and Barcelona to uh let's switch Over already now to you because someone Who isn't very happy is Madrid with a Certain player from another team Well lots of players from some other Teams the thing is that Real Madrid are Fed up with the way Rivals are treating Beneath use they understand that beneath Is now is the the guy to watch he's a One to watch player so that's why all The rivals try to hurt the Brazilian Player they are worried about that Because they understand that this is not Only about one two three games this is About something that has been happening In La Liga for maybe one year ago till Now so that's why they're first of all They're angry at that kind of Rivals and They are fed up with the way uh those

Rivals are treating vineethius and also To sum up these Um in Real Madrid they understand that There is a lack of protection uh to These kind of players they understand That these good players are like the Image of La Liga internationally and They need a little bit more protection They need a little bit more of Understanding so that's why they they Understand that no one protects them and We're talking about the same debate that Maybe five six seven years ago we have Here in La Liga with Messi with now is The same with Venezia's with another Club like Real Madrid so let's see what Happens in the future we remember that After uh got it game last night beneath Is posted on Twitter like thank God I'm Not injured one game more so let's see What happens in the future but now there Is kind of a warring in Real Madrid and In beneath the store in towards because They understand that he needs a little Bit more protection and hear me out here I feel like it the more attention that a Team play pays to a certain player I Feel like it's a compliment too because Of how tough it is to defend someone Like ministers Jr so there is a silver Lining to this whole thing and Madrid Making a specific plan to protect him of Course uh that's that's such an Interesting and important approach that

They're taking to the youngster ajema Back to you uh I was asking Drury how Xavi can still stay in control of the Team of the mood of the results during The World Cup but what's his plan Specifically with Barcelona Well most of the players are International this is 16 of them it's a World record for for Barcelona because The top Internationals they had it was In Russia they they were 14 so it's two More so it's a lot of Um diaspora it's gonna be difficult for Chavi only seven players staying here And of this uh four lucky ones Marcos Alonso they will be enjoying a 25 Day holidays which is is pretty good Actually I must say actor Valerian has Already started holidays and he was Having lunch earlier today with another Possible International that didn't Happen like borja Iglesias because there Is two more non-internationals that are Injured Sergio Roberto castier will Continue their Um Physicality to to come back to to Fitness and Pablo Torre will play with Uh athletic the plans for chubby is to Take care of these players here of Course work on their on the trainings And about Qatar he will be going to Qatar he lived there he played there he Has many French connections and he will

Work as well there and Barcelona will be Having observers in the world cup to to Try to find possible Signings and um what Barcelona stuff Will be doing as well we've been told This month and a half they will try to Work aspects that they think they need To improve one of them is the corners The free kicks and this kind of Situations where they think they have Failed to to give to the team because They have tall players like Lewandowski Araujo and maybe they can take more Profit of this kind of action so they Will be trying to work on that aspect Also in playing against close teams that The ones that park the bus in the area And they will be working on that aspects During this month and a half let's hope They have enough staff to keep track of So many different players in so many Different places too whether it's on Vacation whether it's participating in The world cup but again maybe it's a Good problem to have Barcelona with so Many other uh players being called up For their national squad of course for Such an important tournament back to you And back to the situation that's Surrounding Real Madrid you already Mentioned vinicius Jr is Scotty's what Is their approach now with the Brazilian Well they're angry at the Brazilian you Know we're back at the at last night

Game at San Diego and I was to be honest I I didn't remember in these maybe three Years before driving on ESPN a guy in Front of the microphone saying well uh Fally said to us on ESPN because we were After the game in the plus interview Position that we have in every game and When he came we have to to keep in mind That before coming to uh our position he Has to go first of all to Spanish Television position he wouldn't say Anything about beneath this or about the Way the Real Madrid players treated them But when he came to my position he was Like okay now I'm a list and I'm gonna Say what I really think and what really Happened at least for my opinion in on The page and he said to us that Real Madrid players were really really really Disrespectful to get it and two credit Players saying that beneath you if he Wants more respect he has to respect Some other players not only from Gabi But from the rest of the of the Tournament he said that beneath use told Them that Cadet is a second division Club and he was so angry at beneath his Like my God and I was like man I was Gonna ask you about Rodrigo gosh but but Keep on talking about Benitez because I Was you know completely out of my mind Listening to to Folly if we remember That Folly used to play a Barcelona in In the reserve scene I didn't know if he

Has something against Real Madrid or Really happened that what he said on ESPN cameras but it was really hard to Believe this and really hard to Rodrigo Because both of them rodrigue and fali Were the main characters of the main Play of the first game where he could Have been sent off because he hit uh Rodrigo even Rodrigo told us that it was A shame that he was keep on playing and He didn't show any kind of red car so That's why you know he was a kind of you Know entertainment after the the game he Was even better than the game I can Imagine you holding the microphone and Trying so hard not to smile too like This is good this is good yeah I was Like yeah you guys know when you have That moment and you're like okay this Quote is gonna be my headline and you Absolutely know that that's that's going To be the main thing in your article and What you're gonna say in your report Your microphone wasn't hot it was on Fire really all right let's go back to Someone that Barcelona doesn't Necessarily have to keep a track of any More pique is enjoying his time off it Seems yeah now it's officials since Wednesday he's not no longer a Barcelona Player he did LA the last service being Sent off in El sadar against his Non-friend a referee Hill Montano and Then he took a picture with all the

Trophies he has won now he's a free Agent we will can talk it like this and He will be living in three separate Goals who can say that's why we call him Glove Trotter is his main goal right now Is to move to Andorra this little Country in the Pyrenees because he wants To to have the promotion of the team He's a president the Andorra so he's Planning to move there he's also looking For a more peaceful life some fees that He cannot find in Barcelona right now Because of his personal life and might Be another aspect Christina is that when You live in Andorra you pay way less Taxes than any other country in Europe And of course to Spain so if we he will Be staying there a lot of time then he Will be leaving as well 10 days per Month in in Miami because the plan is That his kids are going to be there but He won't forget about Barcelona because He still has a plan to be president one Day of FC Barcelona but not that's not Something it will be happening in the Next few years so it's a like a mid long Term uh prospect that gerardike has Right now all right interesting yeah I Mean taking a pause right now focusing On his on himself on his personal life Which we know of course hasn't really Helped his status at the moment and let Him maybe to what happened even last Week that's different conversation so

Good for him he's doing some he's doing Some traveling maybe some free time but He didn't have even a week ago really Speaking of Futures not only with what We expect from Gerard Pique but what do You know about Luis enriquez's future Yeah we have to talk about Spain National coach because this morning he Announced the lease for Qatar 2022 and In that first conference after giving The list see he said that it's not the Time to talk about his future we have to Remember that by the end of this World Cup he's gonna be over with the Spain he Hasn't renewed his contract so he has to I mean he's free to negotiate who uh to Any plan he wants to do maybe he get the Table Surf and go to Australia to get Some surfing as he said what he did when He retired from football or he came back To Asturias or whatever but the thing is That I was told by a couple of sources That his intention is to be Spain National coach till the end of the Season which is when Spain is uh playing That Nations League final he wants to Close the circle by the end of this Season I think it's in June when Spain Is going to play that National League Final against three other teams and he Wants to close the circle so at that Time at that time his intention with Enriquez intentions is to keep on being That a Spain national coach till the end

Of this season and from then let's see What happens but he wants to end the Season as a Spain national yeah and he Wants to maybe end in the next few weeks As a World Cup champion but that is Still yet to see we're gonna stick with Luis Enrique and with the Spanish National team because as you said rodri Of course he unveiled now who is Actually going to take so let's stick With extra time I want to know what you Guys think Gemma is there someone who You would have liked to have seen maybe Changed something up what do you think I really like Spanish national squad I Think it's a team that has a lot of Personality and Luis Enrique I think is The the main uh actor of that Squad so I Think it's fair that he picks whoever he Decides but I think we are missing a Little bit of experience and goals so I Would have taken Sergio Ramos because I Have been able to watch him playing all Champions League games and he's at Really he's enjoying a momentum and and He's a player with so much Experience and about goal I I picked Yaro ask fast could be as well borja Iglesias because he was the top Spanish Scorer of last season and is a player That I I really like and maybe I would Have taken a balde because Alejandro Valdez the player who has impressed me The most this season the player I didn't

Know that well and and I think he has Grown a lot I can understand that there Are uh players that maybe losantrica Trust them more but I think balde is Impressive he's so fast so brave and he Can play in both full like so I think It's a would have been a good asset to Bring but I pretty like pretty much like The the election of your Center again Yeah maybe one or two changes uh as you Said or even maybe a few more yellow Aspas and and borja Iglesias that would Have been interesting too there are two Players that really don't know how to Score an ugly goal if that makes sense To anybody you guys know what I mean What about you Well um I agree with Lucian Brigade and I'm in love with Luis Enrique as a coach Because I think he's the best one after Guadala in the world but I will give him Some advices since we are from the same Hometown and we support the same team Supporting Mexico I'm gonna say it's Enrique I would add for example as a Goalkeeper I will add kepa because I Think he deserves a lot and he has been You know tough through a lot of tough Times but now he's back at his Peak form And for me kepa he has to be on the list I would say that Serge Ramos has to be On the list whatever I mean whatever the People says he has to be on the list Because of his character personality

Experience and and the things that his Performances of PSE Gemma has just said That have been outstanding so he has to Be there and as a Tucker you know I Think that you only have one nine you Only have Morada as a striker so you Know I am missing Borge Iglesia because Now the way he's playing the way he's Scoring is the top scorer La Liga of Spanish Strikers I think he deserves to Be out there so I don't know I'm not Gonna give you Lucent reggae if you're Watching this 10 out of 10 I'm gonna Give you only 9.75 okay and that's because we're Getting really really picky at the Moment but I completely agree with both Of you because because borja Iglesias is Explosive he's confident and like I said He really doesn't know how to score an Ugly goal Um but to wrap things up how do you guys Think Spain's gonna do in the World Cup Gemma Um Okay I'm gonna be an optimistic no final I'm not gonna say if they win or they Don't but they will reach the final okay Actually there is a chapter of The Simpsons and predicts what's gonna Happen and it's uh Brazil Spain in the Final and then Brazil uh when the title Will see hey the The Simpsons they've Got it right so many times so I totally

Support that you're backing your theory With the Simpsons rodri what do you Think I'm gonna be even more optimistic Because I believe that everyone is Saying that no well the main favorite That these uh World Cup is France Brazil Argentina Belgium okay Spain will be the World Cup winners wow So let's remember finalists and World Cup champions we'll have to see who's Right uh for now I just have to wish you Guys not even luck because luck you Don't need have a great time in the World cup I'm gonna miss you guys a lot But we'll be back here in December when It's still chilly out but I really wish You guys the best coverage for now you Guys can follow Gemma and Rory that'll Of course be covering the World Cup and Much more because they have the best Insider informations and when La Liga Returns you can of course enjoy all of Those matches on ESPN plus I'll see you guys soon bye We're gonna cry